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TM Interview Project - ZopUH
TM Interview Project - ZopUH18 Jun, 2012
  wormi (2 comments, 922 views)  

Hey all! Today we have a Russian meditracker specialist & mapper - yes, it's ZopUH! You can find more infomation about the project here. Here we go!


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Sergey, 32 yo. I was born in Russia (Moscow) and I’m still living here. My work is recording sound on a film stage (microphones, cables and others). I like photos and videos, also I love to sit and twist the handle virtual software synthesizers on my PC. I like electronic music so I try make something my own. And ofc I like TM editor ;)

2. How and when did you find TrackMania?
I think it was 2005-2006. I don’t remember how but I remember TM Original CD in my hands. And I have a reason for start playing this game. When I was a little boy ofc I didn’t have a PC. We (me with my brother) went to play to our mother’s workplace. It was a room with computers. We play LHX: Attack Chopper (1990), Prince of Persia (1989) and one game I do not remember the name but you can build a track like in TM it was very, very cool game I liked it. And when in 2005 I found TM Original and when I noticed that I can build my own track like in that game from the past I said YES! THIS IS WHAT I WANT! ;)

3. You are active in TMN, TMNF & TM2. What are the good & the bad sides of stadium and canyon?
I don’t see bad sides in stadium or in canyon (TM2). I love them both. We all love the stadium for its drift, for its ability to give the player full control. To be honest I did not understand another environments - except island. So I choose Stadium. Yes, canyon has not ideal editor, but its fun game for me. I like Canyon. I know many stadium players don’t like this game but I don’t understand why. So smooth, fast and drift is great. It’s fun game for me but there are only few really good tracks, so I do not play online TM2 – only build.

4. You have built some maps for TMU-exchange years ago. Why did you stop making tracks in the other six envis of forever?
I've never built a track in a different environment. As I said earlier, I don’t like other envis except island. So you can watch a few tracks inthis environment by me in TMU exchange. At some point I lost interest to island. The stadium has become my favorite forever.

5. You are called as the best mediatracker magician of Trackmania and have also won some prizes. Why are you into mediatracker?
I always play this game in editor. First of all, this game is an editor with meditracker for me, and then racing. Now if we look back and calculate how much I ride and how much I build and make MT, I think it looks like 80% of editor and 20% of racing. I like build more than race, but if I play online I play only rounds because only rounds give you a complete sense of competition. So you ask me why MT? I think it's related to my hobby video shooting. Intro is like a mini film. Mediatracker gives me an opportunity to make my own mini film (clip), gives me the opportunity to play with my imagination and makes it so easy that I was involved. I like work with cameras. Besides, I do not know how to work with 3D graphics or some other graphics programs, so TM gave me the opportunity to make these mini-movies by MT.

6. How long it takes to make an average MT work for a track? Also, do you use pre-made color & blur clips to add quickly some effects?
My real life and my real work often allow me to devote much time to make MT. I can make a good rich intro per day. All actions have been honed and if you look closely a set of effects and methods of execution, they are minimal. I always know what to do and how to do so I make my intros quickly. I have to come up with a good and interesting idea, that is the main point in the process.

7. What is the best track ever in Trackmania games?
The best track ever? You serious? The game has a lot loot of awesome tracks, how I can choose one? If you interesting to know the names of my favorites you can look my “Award’s Given” (TMN and TMNF accounts).

8. What is your best mediatracker work ever in Trackmania?
You can see my best MT work on my TMNF general page. But you must download the track for watching!

9. Shootmania Storm is being published. What do you think about it?
I don’t play FPS. But it is interesting to see what it will be.

10. Have you ever driven races or leagues in Trackmania?
Long time ago I was in a team for some time, quite little of time. I quickly tired out of it. It was like the army, not like a game, too serious for me. The training schedule was bad. I wanted endless competitions with other teams but they were very rare. It became boring. I didn’t drive races after that.

11. Russia has some really great racers in Trackmania and also such a big community. Who is the best driver of Russia?
I've always been outside the community, never watched the life of the community. I've always been on the sidelines. I have not delved into it as much as many have. In tmx, I did not think about “hmm how to earn more awards?” and I did not think about how much I pay attention. I was happy to see even a single award. This tells me that at least one person likes my track and that is enough for me. I am quiet in the editor and drive the online servers for the complete joy. I also don’t follow the life of Russian community. But if I need to say one of the best drivers in Russia - I think that is Malay.

12. Internet is full of funny videos about Russians on road. Are the drivers there really as mad as those videos show?
I don `t know how crazy drivers in other countries are. But in a country where you can buy a driver's license – it’s ok, yes? ;) No test or something? Now I understand...

13. Your top 3 websites, songs, movies & games.
1. youtube - for fast searching new music and other sh*t
2. some xxx page
3. vimeo
Lots of sites.
1. Patrick Zigon - Only-She-Knows
2. U2 - Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car
3. Drumcorps – Down
2. Submarine - (Richard Ayoade)
3. C'est arrive pres de chez vous (Man Bites Dog) – (Rémy Belvaux)

14. Do you watch a lot movies to get inspiration for your mediatracker works?
Do not watch a lot of movies, there are too few truly good films. Watching movies does not affect the content and the creation of my intros.

15. Describe yourself with four words.
All-sufficient, lazy, decent, hopeless.

16. What is your favorite ice cream?
When we were in Thailand with my wife, we found the ice cream -cafe, it was called “Swensen’s” or something like that. There was cool ice cream. Sadly that we have no this café in Russia.

17. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
Take care of yourself ,your family and loved ones. Less television and more real feelings
Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for your great answers ZopUH! See you next time with a new guy, cya there ;)
2 comment(s).
  XT»Marti writes ... 19, Jun, 2012  
Very nice indeed ;)
  kamakaze writes ... 19, Jun, 2012  
Nice interview ;)
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