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Ultimate Challenge Title Pack
Ultimate Challenge Title Pack 30 Oct, 2012
   Mr.DVD (23 comments, 6744 views)  
a New Solo Campaign for Canyon :)

You Can Download my First Title Pack with 70 Maps on my Manialink (Free)

Have Fun :)

You have Problems with play this maps? Delete all my maps from the \ManiaPlanet\Maps\Downloaded Folder!
and Restart:d

NEW! The Ultimate Challenge Server with all Maps! (Thx Senior for Sponsoring)

Have Fun !
23 comment(s).
   Mr.DVD writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
  ymce writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
Great and perfect built title pack!
Install and use very easy.
Inside a very nice, challenging and funny map pool.

Awesome work Mr.DVD!(y)
=> :award:
   eyebo.wp writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
   Mr.DVD writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
Yes i will make i the next weeks all difficulty levels :d
   eyebo.wp writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
Are there plans to update the pack with the other difficulty levels? I've already finished all the A tracks. :p

I know it's a lot of work. I'm just wondering.
  Nesrally writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
Could u say a little about why we should download and install the title instead for just track by track here? After all, a title occupying a slot, and for a pack of 3 new slot nadeo charge 5000 planets !:(
   eyebo.wp writes ... 31, Oct, 2012  
This is great! It's interesting, when I first saw the idea of title packs, I just KNEW there would eventually be a solo campaign someday from you Mr.DvD! :) I look forward to trying this title pack! :d
  Patriot writes ... 30, Oct, 2012  
Awesome work (y)
Download, install, have fun :cool:(l)
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