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1000 Planets added on my map : »King Crab
1000 Planets added on my map : »King Crab 19 Feb, 2013
 aleph0 (10 comments, 1852 views)  
Hi all,

I did this map one year ago but nobody posted an offline record on it. I want to fix this with this little competition.

1000 Planets added divided into 3 parts for the 3 best offline records :

1) 500 Planets
2) 300 Planets
3) 200 Planets

Deadline : 01.03.2013

Have fun on it ! (y)

10 comment(s).
 SPIDER writes ... 24, Mar, 2013  
Actually i have seen alot of track after that rule. idk anymore keep posting i won´t do anything.
here is the blog post that forbid this http://tm.mania-exchange.com/blogs/entry/234/what-are-blogs-for

and no moderators take a look here so its a big joke
post your maps, mayby you get past the security =p

And eyebo posted on your blog and he is a moderator ^^ =p
no offence eyebo, just saying :)

Remove forbidden post or lift the rule and change it to 1 post per 10 blog entry
and we can do what ever we want with that blog.
and if someone really need to post again then he can update the old blog or delete it (y)
and upload a new.
don´t remove the blog feature, that is no solution :-w
 aleph0 writes ... 22, Mar, 2013  
I've never seen that was forbidden. I speak about my tracks and give prices on my tracks on my blog, where is the problem ?

If it is really forbidden, i won't do it again...
 SPIDER writes ... 22, Mar, 2013  
Not to be a police or something but this is a blog
about your track and is forbidden ?
and there is another thread for this :$

 aleph0 writes ... 02, Mar, 2013  
Competition is closed !

Results of the competition :
1) 01:39.840 :gold: ultram -> 500 Planets
2) 01:39.870 :silver: Keirabxtch -> 300 Planets
3) 01:41.281 :bronze: wait -> 200 Planets

Congratulations guys and thanks all for participating !
 aleph0 writes ... 01, Mar, 2013  
It is the last day to post a replay guys !
 aleph0 writes ... 22, Feb, 2013  
I think you have to do a better time on it to erase the previous replay or to reinstall the map and do another one.
  eyebo.wp writes ... 21, Feb, 2013  
MX gives an error. It says the replay is already uploaded. :s Oh well..
 aleph0 writes ... 20, Feb, 2013  
MX doesn't bug anymore, it should be good for you to post your replay eyebo ;)
 aleph0 writes ... 19, Feb, 2013  
I hope that MX will bug less in the next days to allow users to post their replay ^^

But thanks for your replay and award eyebo. :p
  eyebo.wp writes ... 19, Feb, 2013  
I submitted a replay, sort of. :p
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