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Location: Home  Blogs  Wait, so people actually read these things? 
Wait, so people actually read these things?
Wait, so people actually read these things?16 Apr, 2013
  FT»Osaka (34 comments, 2221 views)  
Wow. People actually read the user blogs. Whatever we say. I guess being featured in the showcase helps. Ok, since I started one I might as well finish it.

And I am going to write one about DEM TREEZ THO. Seriously. I hate them. And don't come around saying that I used them on Bobbin' n' Weavin'. I didn't like them then, but it was a quick way to close a track I didn't want to take much time working on. Also, since my track didn't blow itself up, I thought "hey, maybe nadeo made proper trees this time".

Oh how wrong I was.

So this morning at about 11 am, while I should have been paying more attention to my lecture on logic, eyebo mentioned something about a map he had built basically overnight. The track is called SpeedMapping and is linked on the showcased tracks. While it might be an amazing map, what I decided to do was download it and play it at some point later in the day. After my schedule for the morning was over I decided to use my 3 free hours until my late afternoon lectures to play said track.

The first thing I noticed was the amount of trees. Something I kind of expected since it was an 8 minute map made in 5 hours. But what I couldn't imagine was the amount of trees. I can honestly say my laptop can't handle the track - something that shouldn't be so strange if I didn't have a replay uploaded in District 25. That's right. An overcrowded, completely filled and crammed 74k copper map works better than a 24k map. And what's the reason for that? M***********G TREE BLOCKS B!TCH. SERIOUSLY. Trees are STILL way too resource consuming for the rest of the game. Which isn't good, because for some reason people seem to love popping trees on the desert. And DaKKoN said my scenery was chaotic.

I know that laptops aren't primetime gaming rigs. That's out of the question. But I don't have a desktop to match its performance. And that doesn't negate the point that something so basic shouldn't have the polycount of the entire environment itself. And if it doesn't, then the texture is so ridiculously HD that nobody would actually see the detail. There is something about these trees that utterly fail, and nobody seems to care because SHINY NU BL0X.

I don't see the point of these blocks apart from hogging the entirety of your graphic resources and make the track ever so slightly more decorated. But roads, canyons, mountains and old deco blocks also help do that.

Not hating tho, just don't overuse them. I've already toasted too many gfx cards due to trees.

Also, if I ever come back to these user blogs thing, expect blogs and track reviews for tracks I may have not awarded because of some weird reason.

Love the game, hate DEM TREEZ

34 comment(s).
  Thrawn«¦ writes ... 16, Apr, 2013  
Love trees, because they look nice. Yeah, I really like these forest-style scenereis. Next to Sci-Fi style space stations, they are probably the coolest thing out there=p

Hate them, because they are 2D (the leaves) ! This has annoyed me from the very early beta and still .... Well, I'll come around it ...

However, I never had any performance issues or Framerate-drops due to many trees. Maybe the amount you had on the map are beyond my imagination.
  FT»Osaka writes ... 16, Apr, 2013  
At the same time eyebo, people don't usually OD on pipe blocks because they're not as fancy as trees.
   eyebo.wp writes ... 16, Apr, 2013  
Wow, I had no idea people were having performance problems with the trees. :o

They seem pretty optimized to me. I get about the same framerate with or without them.

I wonder if the performance problems aren't due to the trunks though, not the leaves. If that's the case, you might have the same performance problems on a map with an overload of those pipe blocks.
  Racho writes ... 16, Apr, 2013  
Completely agree! I stopped playing Canyon thanks to the trees update as even my desktop can't handle them. It just takes the whole fun away if you can't play every track due to problems related to your graphic card.
Maybe we should start another thread in the MP-Forums and state our problem and opinions, since posting it as a bug didn't seem to help.
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