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TM Interview Project - Enai Siaion
TM Interview Project - Enai Siaion 29 Jun, 2013
 wormi (7 comments, 1477 views)  

Yeees, it's back! It has been a while, but now I can present you an interview with one Belgian guy, Enai Siaion! You can find more infomation about the project here. So let's get started...


1. Could you tell us something about yourself? 
Yes: 29, Belgium, game mods, Skyrim, top 100, Diablo 2, Path of Exile items.

2. How did you find TrackMania? When it happened? 
I was in the local electronics store in 2008 and I was like whatever, I'm bored and here's this crappy no name racing game with presumably dead multiplayer, let's entertain myself for a few hours. I don't often make errors of judgement, but that was quite a glaring one in hindsight! o_o

3. Trackmania 2 Stadium has just been published. What are your thoughts about the game in general? 
This is probably the best Trackmania title ever. It's almost a straight upgrade to TMNF which was the best Trackmania to begin with. The graphics improvements are a bigger deal than they look at first. I'm not sure why it has a "2" in the name though since it's essentially Trackmania Nations Forever And Ever, but if it works for Call of Duty it probably works for Nadeo. xD

4. I like that name! Do you like the new campaign?
Well I got silver on 4 of the white tracks, gold by 0.04 seconds on the 5th, then decided I'm too retarded to play Trackmania. After rage quitting and meekly coming back I did much better on the other tracks though and they're growing on me. Dat A08...

5. What makes stadium your favorite environment? 
The environment was made in a rush for E-sports purposes and was therefore clutter free, leaving it up to the player to make their own tracks and unleash their creativity instead of just connecting blocks! Also, it was free when it came out, paving the way for Trackmania's huge success during the tail end of the '00s.

6. Who's the best mapper in Trackmania for you?
I don't engage in personality cults. All that matters is tracks, not people. This is a multiplayer (!) racing (!) game, not an exercice in masturbatory design. The online community races on tracks by nobodies that would never be accepted by the hermetic inner circle and has tons more fun than anyone who awards a track for looking difficult but hasn't been able to complete it (true story).

7. Leagues will move to TM2 Stadium soon I think. Will the main community follow? 
Leagues will move to TM2S because the alternative is either the abyss of Canyon or Hylis's disapproving doom glare, but Frostbeule doesn't seem to like it much because apparently TM2S doesn't have the right kind of bugs. The community itself doesn't seem to be jumping at the opportunity to pay €10 for the same game with no blockmixing, but then again most of the old community already quit after performing a collective facepalm when Canyon was released. The good old times won't be coming back any time soon. There is however a good chance that a new community will form around TM2S if Nadeo play their cards right. One interesting thing they could do is WORKSHOP SUPPORT. If I was Mr. Nadeo I'd move away from Valley and commit to TM2S because I can't see Valley going anywhere else than off the cliff in Canyon's wake while Stadium is an environment with plenty of growth potential. With enough focus, it could become the DotA of racing! Right now however there are exactly 39 Belgians playing this game, which is just sad for a game like this. Nadeo! Do something!

8. For me the editor of TM2 is actually worse than the Forever version, at least what comes to block selection. What do you think?
The omission of blockmixing is just pants on head especially because we had it for a year until the guy behind TM2U got fed up with all the Shootmania patches and sodded off. The editor and game contain tons of minor improvements - new blocks, block copy, preloading assets, functional depth fog without adding blur tracks, more consistent ingame colours, improved FoV - but the lack of blockmixing sort of negates all of it. Still, if you're not into blockmixing, the editor and game contain tons of minor improvements.

9. Have you ever driven leagues in Trackmania?

10. Your top 3 websites, games, songs & movies.
League of Legends
Dota 2
Any RPG with mod tools and a large community
Vangelis - Mythodea
Eluveitie - Inis Mona
Summoning - Bauglir
...Not chosen because they line up perfectly at the right side. Honestly.
You mean people pay to watch things happen?

11. Coffee or tea?
I do not engage in addictive caffeinated substances.

12. If you could add one dream block into stadium, what kind of a block would it be?
A piece of road that could be pulled, twisted and deformed into any track shape you want. Hey you did say dream block. xD

13. Damn. Well, which environment is your favorite to drive after stadium?
Island, because it is essentially stadium before they figured out that whole handling thing. It may actually have a better platform block set than stadium. And of course it's fast and mostly kibble free.

14. Which one of the previous interviews is your favorite and why?
KarjeN because of the shout out to Ron Turbo's AnGeL! xD Other than that, see above about personality cults.

15. Describe yourself with four words.
Beyond The Luminous Horizon.

16. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
Hey Ryan, I know you'll be googling me at some point - BETTER BUFF IRELIA!

Thanks a lot for your answers Enai Siaion! Let's see when we are back again..! :)
7 comment(s).
  eyebo.wp writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
I enjoyed reading that. :)
 Cxom writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
I'm going to contnue to call it TMNFAE from now on :p.

Also, Inis Mona is great, and the dream block: :|. I kind of imagined that back 2-3 years ago when they said you could make blocks in the new game, and have been dreaming of it since. THIS, would be awesome.
 Razo.'R | R4a. writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
better nerf irelia.
 winter writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
Joost : Simply because it opens up more possibilities in building.

Nice interview :)
 Joost writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
Superb interview!
I give you both an applause for these great answers, but with a dissaproving glare regarding the craving for BM in TM2S. =p
[rage]ffs why does everyone need bm so much :@ [/rage]
 XT»Marti writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
agreed ^^ Belgiam.
 Space writes ... 29, Jun, 2013  
best interview ever, Enai for president.
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