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TM Interview Project - wally
TM Interview Project - wally08 Aug, 2013
   wormi (9 comments, 1746 views)  

Has been a while from my last interview, once again! But don't worry, I haven't stopped! Now we have a guy from the land of forests and lakes... Not from Finland - He's wally, and he comes from Canada! You can find more infomation about the project here.


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
Hello, my name is Philippe Trudeau, I'm Canadian and I'm living in the only french province in the country, Québec! I turned 18 the 6 of April, so I'm now an adult o.o *Time flew away so fast.. gosh..* Anyways, I'm currently working in a restaurant called Quiznos Sub. If you don't know it, it really looks like Subway! My hobbies are quite simple: My friends are on the top of the list.. I love being on my computer, but I really don't play as much as I used to! But I keep mapping of course!So all in all, I give less importance to my online life.. I really enjoy life as much as I can while I have a lot of free time during summer.

2. How and when did you find Trackmania?
I discovered Trackmania by a friend of mine, and if my memory is good, it was in 2007! I started by playing TMN ESWC.. I wasn't really into the game, I was like 12 or 13 years old and I was always hanging out with friends outside. The internet wasn't really part of my life during this time! .. But then.. TMNF came out and I don't know why, but this game made me "addicted". This was clearly the very start of a beautiful adventure.

3. Since I've known you, your team has been RtA aka Rule Them All. In which teams have you been before RtA?
Well, my first serious team was Vodka, a french team! Me and a friend called Warky decided to go there because in Canada, the competition factor was kind of poor back then.. Anyways, I think I stayed there for about 1 ½ year and then the team went completly inactive, and my level was starting to rise a lot. That's the moment I decided to join a very good and known team, 711, mainly a brasilian team! There I started to race with (and against) the best players out there! That's where I really saw the level of the top teams and the best players. That's where I started playing solo tournament, like GC8.. That's where I really started talking to my good friends Carl Jr & mael, which is the one who really took me into the competition aspect of the game. Anyways, after 711, I think I went to BadBoys/Lions. I didn't make a long way there, but I raced with some good guys, like Wold and Olek and much more! And... I finally joined mael into RtA and that's where I discovered a wonderful family. Blizz, Vogy, joey, mael, Alex, Click, Paull, Mini, Chillos, Dennio, Etis, Sky, ppmaster, Sven, Gorky and maxiL, I love you guys :) I'm having a wonderful time with every one of these guys! And for them who are wondering what happenned to RtA during the last ESL season... well I can only explain this by a lack of motivation! We're back for TmT and that's for sure!

4. You're one of those players who actively have driven newer TM2 Stadium. What do you think about it, compared to TMNF?
Since I'm a cam 2 player, the feeling on TM2 Stadium feels weird, even though the cam has been "corrected" once, the feeling is still not the same as on TMNF, so that's kinda sad. The editor has been change a bit too.. I must say I prefer the TMNF one... But I guess I'll get use to it!

5. Yeah, also I need to practive it still. What do you think about the Nadeo campaign of TM2 Stadium, that is made by PapyChampy?
Maps are great overall! But the old nadeo feeling isn't there anymore.. :/ But since I'm not a huge Nadeo player, I don't really care about that.

6. Which is your fav TM2 Stadium Nadeo map at the moment?
mmmmmmmmm... I'd say E02

7. Besides that your drive leagues, you are also an active league mapper. Why do you build maps for leagues?
Oh boy.. That's a pretty weird story.. One day I looked into the editor and I had sooooooo much trouble to find the blocks and get use to this weird creation mode. I kept rage quitting the damn editor, because it was so frustrating to build some crappy shits... But well.. I started to feel more confortable with the editor, and that's where the first maps appeared... They were some poor Fullspeeder with so much boost and impossible wallrides-loops hahaha... My ultimate goal was to have my maps on servers, so people can play them so I'll get known... But yea.. that was a pretty long way. My first competition map was a STC/NC map named Kodex, which received 41 awards on TMX! That was actually a lot for my first league map!.. So yea, I started mapping for the glory, but later I realized that I was only doing it for fun and to please people who are enjoying my mapping style!

8. Which one is the best of the new blocks on TM2 Stadium?
Well, some new blocks like a this little down-hill road is actually pretty nice. I saw that some "road-to-platform" block was avaible to be place on the ground, with some other platforms. I think people could make some interesting stuff with that!

9. ESWC qualifications are coming soon. To be there, you need to beat Carl Jr. Have you given up already?
Actually there's two spots for North America, and since Carl Jr. is one of the best player of the world, I'm pretty sure he will qualify, unless of HUGE problems. My principals rivals are actually mael and Solid I think, we'll fight for the second and last spot! But nothing is sure for anyone, so gl&hf to everyone :d

10. You, Locobuddha and Sky were the map testers of ESWC maps, and my track was the only qualification map that wasn't made by you three. Coincidence?
Well, your map was the only map who every testers voted for, so I guess you should be proud of it :d and for the rest, I won't hide that I voted for 2 out of 3 of my maps, because I really think they deserve their place into the pack. We were more than 3 testers, and even without my vote, I think my 2 tracks would have been picked anyways! ^_^

11. Well I must agree. Who will win ESWC 2013 on Trackmania 2 Stadium?
What a question... Carl Jr. Duh!?

12. Your top 3 games.
I'm currently playing 2 games, but in order of preference let's say this: Trackmania, Combat arms (FPS game, but awesome) and.... CANDYBOX.

13. Who's your favorite league mapper?
I'd say... Mr.Pink and .

14. Which is the best team on stadium in your opinion?
We keep talking about Acer and Dignitas, but who's the best of them? I'd say that Dignitas has more "talented" players than Acer, but Acer keeps showing that they can train very well, and they always deliver a sick performance. Since a couple of month now, BX3 are becoming hell of a team.. We really have to watchout I guess...

15. What was your favorite TV-show as a child?
Well, I don't really know when I was a kid, but actually, the best serie I have ever watch is without a doubt Dragon Ball Z. This is simply AMAZING. I recommand to watch it to everyone who didn't... You are missing something.

16. Describe yourself with four words.
Little white human warf.

17. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
Oh well, it's already done o.o I guess I should say thanks to you wormi! I'm glad you thought about me for this interview, it was a real pleasure to answer your questions and share it to a little part of the community! I hope you guys enjoyed learning a bit more on me! See you on the road everyone! Best regards, wally.

Thanks to you too wally! Cya next time guys! :d
9 comment(s).
  »RtA« wally writes ... 23, Aug, 2013  
I only mentionned my competitive teams.;)
  nixx writes ... 22, Aug, 2013  
you forgot "Elixir" in your team history :p
  rubix writes ... 18, Aug, 2013  
I always think of the movie Wall-E when racing with him. He is kind of a robot dont you think?
And now so will you.
  serujio writes ... 13, Aug, 2013  
I guess brazilian players will compete for that america spot as well, at least thats what drakonia said.

Nice interview;)
  »RtA« wally writes ... 10, Aug, 2013  
Ye, that may be unfair, but I still rendered a fair judgement harddance :) .. and what did u do at WCG? you were a tester or mapper? (:
  shortz writes ... 09, Aug, 2013  
nice interview! :)

moi cheval wally allez, allez!
  HardDance writes ... 09, Aug, 2013  
Weird you were allowed to submit tracks to ESWC when you were judging the tracks :s I had to choose between judging the WCG tracks or submit tracks :p
  GR. writes ... 09, Aug, 2013  
Great interview and yes dbz was simple but sooo addictive. Watching Kai now. 8-|
   Sky.wp writes ... 08, Aug, 2013  
great interview guys :)
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