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Classic Missions from tmx (war by speedline & rycardoo)
Classic Missions from tmx (war by speedline & ryca... 16 Jan, 2014
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WAR by speedline & rycardoo
29 jan 2008


This track works well in tmnf and I really recomend playing it. I don't know about tm2 stadium but rycardoo allowed me to post the mediapack for the track here

What's the plot?
Kinda dificult to explain basically the area where you live is at war and you have to open path across the battlefield exploding stuff and such ^^

My review
Before reviewing the track I want to start by saying a word about these 2 mappers: for me they were 2 of the best portuguese mappers of all time and 2 persons I have a lot of respect and admiration for them and many of my tracks were inspired by these 2, I go as far by saying those were my mentors and my teachers in trackmania...
So about this track? Well .... for sure it's really intense I have to give them credit for that, 100% original (mod, sounds, pictures)... well.... maybe the fire came from devil's night... a fantastic track in my opinion but I think this track doesn't really show their full potential... I know both of them and I know their talent and they have plentry to go even higher...
I have some minor critics about the execution of the track: Don't get me wrong, the mediatracker is awesome but I kinda wish the ideas were more original, the windows breaking is a great idea similar to sivert's with [url="http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=387094#auto"]Bullseye[/url], the machine gun from crusard's [url="http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=205939#auto"]the trump card[/url] and the boat idea from tamonte's [url="http://nations.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=trackshow&id=1362325#auto"]venice challenge[/url] but the main diference is that they used original files and executed the idea by themselves... One thing I'm really missing is an outro but... well...^^

Let me point out that even I nowadays feel inspired by former tracks even I use some ideas that were done before, just in my way and that's what they did, the compilation of great ideas combined with the way they executed them feels diferent from the tracks I pointed out before, even it's possible there's so many tracks out there some people have the same idea, you would never know but as I said, credit to these 2 guys for making their own mod and their own mediapack...
About the path: well I don't have anything to complain about it, I think it is well shaped as the mediatracker goes and it's not a "normal" track with a mission disguized on it, I just wish there weren't so many antiboosters, other than that it's challenging, it allows hunting and it doesn't fell boring and there's no 2 equal sections, I really like the way it variates, the jumps are awesome as I might say :) Also I have to mention how well the scenery was made using the billboards, it's just awesome it feels like a realistic scenery, I mean look at the section where the boat appears for the first time... just awesome :)

How would this track stand out nowadays?
Again depends on many factors, popularity of the mappers? activity on tmx? As I said on the previous track, I really think tmx needs these tracks, I really think this track is as good as by the time it was released, keep in mind trackmania nations forever didn't even exist so using recorded replays was just a dream and yet it feels fresh. 24 awards don't show much on what this track would deserve imo I guess above 40 would be fair, but who knows? It's just my opinion...

Creativity: 9/10 <> Mediatracker: 9/10 <> Path: 8/10 <> Scenery 9/10

Final Score 9/10 A masterpiece indeed :)
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