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Classic Missions from tmx (Space Race by Just)
Classic Missions from tmx (Space Race by Just) 23 Feb, 2014
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Space Race by Just
21 mar 2006


I'm suprised how old this track is and the mediapack still works, so you don't need anything to play just download it and enjoy it (:

What's the plot?

Basically if I got it correctly, your enemy has damaged your spaceship and you have to repair it and reach to the end before they do.

My Review:
As hard is for me to tell you this... StarWars is not as nostalgic for me as for many people... I didn't grew up on that generation although I had a pop up book from my parents when I had 7, I've never been into Star Wars.
Before speaking about the track let me point out something about the user:
Unless with the later trackmania releases he changed his nickname, I assume his carreer was really short... Registed in march 15th, 4 tracks released on the same month with a return on january 2007, SpaceRace was the 3rd track he released. While his other tracks don't go above 18 awards with an average of 13 per track, SpaceRace goes with 191 awards (last given by me on sep 1st 2012)
Are they deserved? Yes! The track is awesome, consider how old trackmania eswc was by then...only 3 months and the track looks so advanced even nowadays. Even the legendary Mission:Speedtek from crusard wasn't released until 1 month after this one. Being released on the early stage was a big plus although this is not the first story/mission in eswc this is easly one of the best...
What I like: well... the layout is pretty cool, the track is designed acording the mediatracker with the tunels, the re-use, the scenery aswell representing the asteroids and tunels and I just (pun) love the warp tunnel.. I know it's just a bunch of letter "O"'s but they look so awesome and gives the desired effect the author aimed to. The main effect is also just text but very well used as it was common those days...
What I dislike is basically the blind turns and somehow the lack of signs doesnt help either maybe it could influence the design of the track but that would work well with instructions on the mediatracker, the song has bad quality and loops way too early but well.. they're just minor details that could make the track more desirable and faster if this had less traps and less slowdowns...
Well, it's still one of the greatest tracks ever and has its deserved spot on the top 20 in tmn-x.

How would this track stand out nowadays?
It could stand great, as I mention before, he never went above the 18 awards mark and this proofs well how anyone can stand out from nowhere. Being released nowadays wouldn't probably reach that high value but consider how even today it's possible to go over 100 awards, it's hard but possible I wouldn't bet the track would go that far considering today's standards but with a well made path with more flow that is lacking on this version it was possible to be close to 3 digits...The way this track is at the moment with no changes wouldn't go higher than 20 or 30 nowadays.

Creativity: 9/10 <> Mediatracker: 8/10 <> Path: 7/10 <> Scenery 9/10

Final Score 8/10 :) Just awesome
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