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K-Project Survey
K-Project Survey01 Feb, 2015
  Zack11 (4 comments, 670 views)  
I'm currently working on a K-Project (1000 cars on 1 map)! I already have all the replays I need, but I don't know what skin they should be:s That is where you come in:cool:

1. Same Skin (All 1000 cars look the same)
--> a. Which Skin? (Please tell me which skin I should use)

2. Different Skin? (The cars look different)
--> a. Random Canyon Skins (I select random skins, but only on the CanyonCar model)
--> b. Random Skins/Model (I select random skins, regardless of the model they are on)
--> c. Rainbow Skins (I use rainbow colors based on times. Red-Fastest, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple-slowest).
--> d. Other (Have any other ideas? Please tell me in the comments below!)

Submit your vote in the comments below! If you have a specific skin in mind, please post a link or describe it! If you see an idea you like, quote that post and write +1 below it :d

4 comment(s).
   riolu! writes ... 03, Feb, 2015  
Nah, I don't really have a preferred color for such a project. Red, Blue, Green, anything goes here I guess.
  Zack11 writes ... 02, Feb, 2015  
Voyager: Sounds like a good idea, I'll do some small testing and see what it looks like :)
Riolu: Do you have a specific color/skin in mind? ;)
  Voyager006 writes ... 02, Feb, 2015  
Perhaps you could use a mipmap-based skin, which changes its colour based on how close to the car you are? :)
   riolu! writes ... 02, Feb, 2015  
I prefer all skins to have just 1 color which makes the final result look like fluid spreading all over the track :p
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