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Give Me Building Challenges!
Give Me Building Challenges!01 Oct, 2015
  Nixotica (10 comments, 907 views)  
Give Me Building Challenges

I enjoy making maps with limitations, which is why a thoroughly enjoy the MTC. But this only comes once a month! So what I want you (the audience :p ) to do is give me some building challenges! Here is what you need to do:

Idea Submission
- Message me through the MX your idea.
- Give a detailed description of the rules that apply to my building.
- No stupid ideas (Ex: "Build using only start and finish!")
- Make sure it's actually possible.
- Be creative!

I will try to make as many maps as I get for submissions, but I can't guarantee that I will make every single idea I receive. Those who submit ideas will get credit for the submission in the map description. Here is how you can judge each map I make:

Map Judging
- If you like it, give it an award.
- It doesn't have to say anything; a trophy is fine.
- If you don't like it, leave a comment.
- Don't just say that you hate it without further explaination.
- Please tell me what I can do to improve my building skills.
- If you don't care, don't say anything about it.

Anyways, I think this will be a lot of fun for me, as well as you! I'm excited to see what idea submissions I may receive, and I can't wait to push my building skills to the limit. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
10 comment(s).
  Linkin|Alex writes ... 31, Oct, 2015  
No new challenges yet? :o I'll send another one soon. :)
  Nixotica writes ... 14, Oct, 2015  
When you click on the tracks I have built (on the left), the description has a quote of what the challenge was. Nice to see others trying challenges. ^^
  FillInTheBlank writes ... 14, Oct, 2015  
Hey, nix can you post the challenges you get in the thread so I can try some too?
  Nixotica writes ... 13, Oct, 2015  

I will consider making some maps for Chase! For Doppler, however, I will have to play on the server to get a feel of what map type I should build and what I should implement. Thanks for letting me know!:)
  Beatinfected writes ... 13, Oct, 2015  
Hey, if you are interested, we are always looking for good maps for some gamemodes. First off all Chase. Map requirements are: (guess you know allready :d but...)

+ multilap
+ regular CPs each 5 - 15s (not to short CP-gaps at high speed)
+ at least 2 CPs per lap (up to whatever you can fit in one map ;) )
+ all respawnable and map finishable also on lower speeds (no hard transitions etc)
+ mulitenvy allowed, valley- and stadium-car preferred
+ multiple ways, a bit RPG-style and fun spots like traps allowed

Then were also looking for good maps for the gamemode Doppler. In this mode the goal is to score the highest totaled speed for all CPs+Finish in one lap/run. So here we search NOT for regular maps, but for funmaps, where for example the CPs are placed on a big "playground" and you have to find the fastest way through each of them in any order you like...

+ multilap or regular start/finish allowed
+ multienvy allowed
+ no standard/TA/fs maps, we are looking for kind of lol/RPG-maps

best regards, beat
  Nixotica writes ... 09, Oct, 2015  
I'll make sure to do that. Thanks for telling me!^^
  Linkin|Alex writes ... 09, Oct, 2015  
Nix you should add the track links to this main post as you complete the challenges, to keep track/show the ones you've done, I'll also add them here ^^ Great job so far!

Arkive - 2 Times Around
Clearvision - Back and Forth
AlexUSA - 500
Dodeka - Stacked Up
danodude - Tight Tech
pfm - Platform Valley
  pfm writes ... 04, Oct, 2015  
Sent you an idea via PM, see if you like it =)
  Zack11 writes ... 02, Oct, 2015  
You can always look in the MTC suggestion thread and try ones that were never picked :d
  pfm writes ... 01, Oct, 2015  
This sounds like a fun idea =)

I've actually thought of this to myself as well, usually i get "blank page" block when I open the editor to start a new map
so sometimes i just say, lets see what i can build just with narrow roads =) and then I get an idea for a map concept.

I will try to come up with a Valley challenge for you, I'll play your valley tracks first to get a feel for what you already built.

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