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The Valley Bubble: When Will It Pop?09 Jul, 2013
  Forzyy (11 comments, 1146 views) 
The Stadium bubble burst after a month. When do you think the Valley bubble will burst?

You can keep track of monthly upload statistics here.

The Stadium Bubble05 Jun, 2013
  Forzyy (29 comments, 5707 views) 

It burst

Mania Exchange 2.0: What is it? When will it arriv...18 Feb, 2013
  Forzyy (7 comments, 2250 views) 
I've been dropping hints about the next Mania Exchange update lately; the how, the why, the when, etc. It's well overdue, but it's much needed. I guess the biggest hint I dropped was when I admitted the current site and code was 'crap' due to lack of consistency.

... says: The current application framework is killing the site. The DAL is atrocious and performs extremely poo...

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Rethinking Mania Exchange - Improved Lists29 Oct, 2012
  Forzyy (11 comments, 1881 views) 
The traditional (and current) way of displaying tracks is in a list format. Row by row, you're presented with information about a track or map. While simple and convenient, the amount of information presented is confined to a small space on the page. This results in possible trimmings of map names and user names, and other information of vast importance being left out.

Over time I've tried to improve list readability from TMX to MX. Changing the icons, adding an improved scree...

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Rethinking Mania Exchange - Going Modern27 Oct, 2012
  Forzyy (7 comments, 1577 views) 
This is a brief introductory blog entry for a new blog series I'd like to pursue.

For the past year on a monthly basis, I've been mocking up possible site designs to replace the current one. I've never been able to mock up something worthy of putting to production. But not this month - this month I think I'm on to something.

Rethinking Mania Exchange rMX (remi...

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Closing in on 1 million downloads!15 Jan, 2012
  Forzyy (8 comments, 759 views) 
We are nearing the next milestone in TM2 MX's history: one million downloads! :o

At the moment we are currently at 922,530 downloads. (brb)

Gogo ManiaExchange!
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