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Classic Missions from tmx (The Easter Track by chr...21 Apr, 2014
 fab'm (2 comments, 756 views) 
The Easter Track by chris_du_21
03 apr 2010

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Classic Missions from tmx (Space Race by Just)23 Feb, 2014
 fab'm (0 comments, 948 views) 
Space Race by Just
21 mar 2006

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Classic Missions from tmx (The Darnassus Fall by p...13 Feb, 2014
 fab'm (0 comments, 918 views) 
The Darnassus Fall by piepie
29 apr 2006

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Classic Missions from tmx (Escape the prison by an...22 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (2 comments, 1955 views) 
Escape the Prison by Andree
08 jul 2005

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Classic Missions from tmx (GTA Steven Seagull by t...17 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (0 comments, 961 views) 
GTA Steven Seagull by tamonte
29 oct 2007 (i got the date wrong on the video -.-)

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Classic Missions from tmx (war by speedline & ryca...16 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (0 comments, 984 views) 
WAR by speedline & rycardoo
29 jan 2008


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Classic Missions from tmx (the christmas track by...15 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (0 comments, 1451 views) 
The Christmas Track by chris_du_21
16 dec 2006

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Classic Missions from tmx (introduction)15 Jan, 2014
 fab'm (4 comments, 788 views) 
I had this idea for some time, as you might know me (or not ^^), I'm not a fan of mainstream tech, fullspeed or "normal" tracks
I like to see someone do something diferent with the editor mostly on the mediatracker and I know how rare those tracks are and how hard are to find...
This serie of videos is not to show my skills either in mapping or racing but it's just to show great classic story tracks that come a long way since stories with text only, to massive rpgs wi...

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