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Animations in mods possible03 Apr, 2015
  zipperke (4 comments, 1015 views) 
Hello all
I've been experimenting in the Older game Nations / united and i found some fun tricks that so it seems have never been done before. (idea brought to me by kristjan)

I can make the blocks and the mood change during play..

I can make animated lava and water

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I bet you have never seen mediatracker work like t...18 Jul, 2014
  zipperke (1 comments, 834 views) 
Hey people from :tmx:

Listen to this:
Space ships, alien planets, plane crash in midair with a giant ufo.
over 30 custom music files, 40+ images in jpg and png format..
Over 8 different special carskins including: big planes, ufo's, jets, boats, buildings...
Ingame you get special effects explosions, crashing planes, buildings tumbeling over and crashing on the road with broken glass as sound effects..
A little first person shooter where you get the chance...

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Little Tired playing TM2? why don't you take a loo...09 Jul, 2014
  zipperke (4 comments, 853 views) 
Hey people from TM2
I have TM2 since the beta version but after a year I noticed that The stunt community on united was desperatly looking for new fun maps so i focused on that for a while.
Recently i've started to build racemaps in all the environments too with a stadiumcar (envymix)
For the latest one (stadiumcar on island) i used a fair amount of mediatracker work to get a cool concept with zombies.
I'm a big fan of the walking dead so i'm very anxious about se...

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1500planets for the first 59sec replay16 Feb, 2012
  zipperke (2 comments, 837 views) 
Hey guys
This is my MTC submission
And to get the engines running.. I'll give 1500 planets to the first player that uploads a time under 1minute
Ofcourse, give a comment when you do ;-)

Good luck ;)
Tm Unlimiter By Arc_16 Jan, 2012
  zipperke (11 comments, 3099 views) 
Hey guys
All regular builders are using it
I can't even build without it
Ofcourse i'm talking about the limit remover in the editor
This great tool is made by Arc_
He has to update the tool everytime the game gets an update
So i want to thank him for all the work he puts into this project
And i'm sure all you builders love to build in the editor without limits
He's the one to thank.

So I build a track for him a while ago

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I'm looking for "PER" words30 Dec, 2011
  zipperke (15 comments, 923 views) 
Hey guys,
I'm a Belgian builder, some of you might remember me from my short maps, fullspeeders in tmnf and stunt tracks in united.
Since the beta version of tm2 ive been building and experimenting in the track editor.
meanwhile Ive managed to build some nice maps and they are played and loved online on many servers.
Some of these maps belong into a special series of sliders.
They all start with "PER"
i've got

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