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Did you know that this title line has more capacit...08 Apr, 2013
   Tuta (12 comments, 1223 views) 
That's silly though, we don't even have a president in Sweden.

But I still hope I can be a guiding light for those of you feeling lost in the TrackMania universe.

Besides, we have a king. Being king is way more bad ass than being president. Our king even goes to strip clubs. And the prince races sports cars. And the crown princess will one day be king. However that works.

I will continue this blog post in the spirit of my previous blog posts - advice for...

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Dillusional gibberish from a person who should be...24 Oct, 2012
   Tuta (4 comments, 837 views) 
This blog entry is nowhere near the standard of my other entries language-wise. But I felt these are thoughts that deserve a little more space than to be hidden on a snow-track from 2008 deep into the depths of tmx.

It is essentially just the train of thought reflecting the community that came up during writing what I thought would be just a normal award..

It's an award on Wallaby's Read More
The "Douchebag-Line"11 Jul, 2012
   Tuta (18 comments, 2079 views) 
In my last blog post I mentioned this line, a factor every builder needs to respect in order to gain fame and success. I did however not explain what it is or why it is so important, not only to yourself but to the whole community. The Douchebag-Line will decide your fate as a new or comeback builder, it's what makes your existance widespread and makes sure your track will be the one that is chosen to be tested instead of the thousands of other tracks on mx.

Certain statistics are...

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TM: Relaxing entertainment?05 Apr, 2012
   Tuta (8 comments, 999 views) 
Finally, after a hard day at work/school/the unemployment line/living an international playboy life/etc. you get home and sink down in your well-worn computer chair to relax with some of 1's and 0's composed entertainment. Naturally (since you're reading this), you choose a creative racing game from a small french studio. Every dedicated player starts out their sessions with a look at MX; the centerpiece of the trackmania community (if you're from another site, bleh bleh on you)....

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What are you trying to achieve?04 Feb, 2012
   Tuta (7 comments, 887 views) 
Your track is great. It has amazing jumps, the flow is incredible and as soon as you click the upload button, love for your creation will flood your trackpage in the the form of little golden cups. Guess what though, your track is a printer. Yes, that's supposed to say printer. Though it does everything right, it is still a soulless, overpriced and easily forgotten part of trackmania history. Like printers print, your track is a usual track. It wont put smiles on peoples faces; after the awa...

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The process of making a screenshot22 Dec, 2011
   Tuta (8 comments, 1075 views) 

"Ah, the creativity and artistic expression that shine through this collection of pixels gives me an urge to show the world how able I am to handle myself in a piece of pirated software too"

Super! You are already at step 1, inspiration. Usually after you've seen something you fancy, you want to create somethi...

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