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Sorry Ropesbart and community ...26 Sep, 2014
  kata78 (2 comments, 1117 views) 
You know me well, Herbert ...

You know where the name kata is from? ... Katatonia ... well wikipedia helps ...

Ropesbart knows me well ... and i hope the others can forgive me ...
i cant promise it will happen in the future .. but thats what i am ...

Ups and downs ... but now i got a new job and i wont be there so often ...
so if you see me .. ignore me or shout at me .. both i have earned ...

or except me as i am .. like ropesbart did and does ...

thx mate
you helped me through tough times ....

Ps. BTW did you know there are ants in skyrim?
You will never get it ...13 Aug, 2014
  kata78 (20 comments, 2045 views) 
I wanted to do something good for you ...

you dont get it ...

i spent hours to make you feel good ...

you do nothing for me ....

and that doesnt belong to donfetti .. HE IS THA MAN ... he did incredible things ... wow
im still astonished ...

ropesbart ... thanks for nothing ....

i made your donut ... you did nothing ...
you made a track for dagobert and valley and .. thx for nothing

AKEN .. we will make the money ;-)
your sound rocks

kata will make now money

there are much more competent block makers
and much more i will adore ...

The Sky is the limit .... and you dont get it07 Aug, 2014
  kata78 (3 comments, 1249 views) 
This week i added my second tutorial to the website:


In my second tutorial i show you, how you can change the "SkyColor.exr". And it's not only about the Color of the Sky, you can do any texture you like! I made a planet in Blender to show the possibilities... check out the map on the left!!

The music in the track is from our friend DJ AKEN! Meet him on our server on weekends!
Here is a link with...

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My first (test) tutorial ....30 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (7 comments, 980 views) 
Was kind of busy with my new app, so a little delay on this blog again. But it have good news!
I finally got a server for my files hosting AND! for my planned tutorials!

I started with my first tutorial today, it's in a stat...

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Too much work ....21 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (3 comments, 822 views) 
Hello friends!

I was sitting here half a night, changing the musics and mods of the title pack tracks and decided ... too much work ...

So i decided to make our Title Pack just Multiplayer from now on ... Tracks till now stay in the solo mode, but if you want to have new tracks and mods and all stuff, you have to play online on one of our servers or download the tracks from here in TMX ...

Of course i will make more custom blocks and mods and so on .. but the SOL...

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Title Pack cannot be downloaded (#FIX#)19 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (4 comments, 1059 views) 
EDIT #2: Orignial Message see below.

Well what should i say .. it was my own fault depending on some file hosters which are free and promising heaven for nothing ......

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I am a little late with this (or last) weeks blog...14 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 738 views) 
Sorry for not posting this weekend and not being on server. I got a cold and was laying in bed with fever ... It was rather cold in middle europe ... but now its getting hotter againRead More
Important information for track builders!04 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (1 comments, 885 views) 
Sorry to spam the blog but its important information:

A new update with many fixes is available as soon as you start Maniaplanet: Version 3.1

But there are issues: if you place some custom objects in editor .. game crashes ..

I already reported to quick fix section of forum : Click here to read...

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Summer time!03 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 671 views) 
First i want to welcome a new member of our title pack creation team.

AKEN from Australia!

Check out his first track on the title pack! It's the 4th GREEN track in SOLO Mode of the new Update #3 of "Maximum 30 Seconds". You may also download it from TMX, look on the left side of this blog for featured tracks. Of course there are also Maps from Donfetti and Ropesbart!

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Some good news...26 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 735 views) 
I told you about the bug report i posted last week on the forum. Good news ... i know answers to most of my questions. Part of it was no bug, but user failure.

But with every mistake you make, you learn and i learned A LOT. The last 10 years i have collected a big bunch of wisdom about Trackmania... I plan to share that ...

So a short report of what i came aware of:

1.) Musics on my...

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