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For the lovers of mini tracks ! 21 Jun, 2012
  Nesrally (5 comments, 1019 views) 
Today I come across a, for me, new mapper, batzelu26, that build maps that i think many of u guys will like. If u like the maps of Mr. DVD, mlokan and others making popular mini tracks, then i think u will love those tracks. Mostly 30 sec. beginner and intermediate difficulty level, which i personally prefer. Seal up and give those tracks a try ! See yah there the next days or weeks ! He is hereby added to my f...

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Forgot to start TMunlimiter first?30 May, 2012
  Nesrally (11 comments, 1655 views) 
Since more and more tracks will be released with the use of TMunlimiter, there is no reason for this to happen ever again, coz there is an easy way to avoid it FOREVER !

Here is how;
1. Go in ur Mania Planet program folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\ManiaPlanet) and right click on ManiaPlanetLauncher to rename it to xManiaPlanetLauncher....
2. Right click on Tmunlimiter program file, and rename this to ManiaPlanetLauncher... DONE !
In this way, TMunlimiter ...

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Are you looking for a "Easy to learn, hard to mast...17 May, 2012
  Nesrally (0 comments, 951 views) 
Then I can recommend the first Canyon track of my sweetheart Rhona.......(l) It`s soft and sweet as her, relaxing to drive, hard to win and rewarding to master. It`s amazing how one single small mistake in the way those smooth curves are handled, make you lose sooo much time..... So to drive this track requires accuracy in every touch of the steering keys...... The beautiful mod "Whit City" with its green grass makes it also a pleasure for the eyes, exactly as her beauty have been a pleasure for my eyes for years.... (l)

Give it a try guys and welcome the female drivers and track-builders around !
Canyon unveiled !12 May, 2012
  Nesrally (0 comments, 763 views) 
Have u ever been driving around in the Canyon wild nature, just for fun? Up in the mountains, down in the deep canyon reefs? Probably u have, as a break in the hard races, or just to have a little fun.. Did u know there is hidden areas with deep reefs with water in the bottom, like in the real Canyon? Well, there... is... Now u can race there, in a natural race in the wild of canyon...

Give it a try and enjoy !
First track with custom blocks ?02 May, 2012
  Nesrally (0 comments, 824 views) 
I don`t know for sure, but I haven`t seen or heard about any... I made the 4. track in my track series "Nesrallycross N-y" with the use of the first available drivable custom block Desert...It`s kind of another driving experience and a lot of fun to drive in a desert road, where the car jumping a little over the slopes.... The future of custom blocks are really promising. Looking forward to mess araound with it in the future !
Take a look and give it a try:
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