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JamPipes winners are determined!28 Feb, 2012
  A.n.d.y. B. (2 comments, 1569 views) 
Hello MX!
Today I declare the results of the competition for the best JamPipes replay.

Just want to thank everyone who has downloaded the JamPipes map and though he tried to pass. All the replays it was very interesting to watch! Some attempts to contain many respawns and similar to walkthrough the RPG map. Such attempts sometimes looks very fun!

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Planets for the best replays! 'JamPipes'20 Feb, 2012
  A.n.d.y. B. (1 comments, 1852 views) 
Hello MX!

I would like to see more replays on my JamPipes map. Maybe this track is too big and too long, as some players are rightly noticed, but I'll be very glad to see your fast and clean ride through all the trials to the finish!

Therefore, I announce a competition for the best JamPipes replay with a prize fund of 3000 planets, which will last one week (until February 28, 2012). Seven days for training to improve your record and send your best replay!<...

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