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[What do you think?] Medal Times13 Sep, 2015
  pfm (5 comments, 961 views) 
Have you ever driven a track and been disappointed that the medal times were set too easy?
Or maybe they were too hard?
Or maybe they were just unfair? =)

I think one of the most fun things to do in TM is just to load a track in Local Play and hunt some nice challenging gold medals, and then try for the Author Time.

I'm always a bit disappointed when the medal times are not setup with progressive difficulty.
But I also realize that many authors don't ...

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Obscure Builders #1 (Zaboj)17 Aug, 2015
  pfm (8 comments, 839 views) 
Hi trackmaniacs!

I'm back to TM life after a year long break. yupeee =)

Lets dive straight into another weird project that I plan to be a series of blog posts.

Valley Obscure Builders
The idea is simple: I will find Valley builders that have only one track published on mx and no awards and as little track activity as possible (replays, dedis, etc).

But why?
Some may ask why I would go to the trouble of looking for tracks tha...

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Q Bot - expressive driving competition10 Aug, 2015
  pfm (0 comments, 666 views) 
Had an idea to do a creative driving competition on the brilliant endurance track "Q Bot by   MX-Community

The objective would be to drive as creatively as possible.
Best replays would be featured in a video.

For more details and to comment please go to the forum thread here

StigAcademy - Win 10K Planets!17 May, 2014
  pfm (3 comments, 752 views) 

We have a winner!

This challenge is now closed.


Hi all,

I know there aren't a lot of players active in the forums so I'm posting this here as well.

I'm giving away 10K planets to the first driver to beat the secret Stig on my Canyon track:

"StigAcademy: KissKissBangBang by   pfm

The time to beat is 00:45.264

It should be quite a challenge to beat the time, have you got what it takes? =)
Valley Endurance Tour16 Feb, 2014
  pfm (1 comments, 1063 views) 
Hi all Valley drivers, here is a challenge for you.

I have hand picked 5 of the best Valley endurance tracks and joined them in a challenge using my web app tm-rally
Expect a total driving time a bit under half an hour.

The Valley Endurance Tour features:

  • 48863

    Roughly 3-4 mins of epic dirt track i...

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Valley fail, Canyon comeback03 Sep, 2013
  pfm (8 comments, 1814 views) 
I was looking at the stats over at the excellent ServerViewer website and noticed something interesting.

This chart struck me particularly:

As you can see there's an initial frenzy of players playing Valley in the first few days of its launch which coincides with a small drop in the number of Canyon ...

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Valley Tech Map Day23 Aug, 2013
  pfm (4 comments, 1071 views) 
Hi all,

As Valley nears it 2nd month of life in the wild I'm starting to notice more and more excellent tech maps coming out.

Today alone I had 3 new tech map releases in my notifications for the authors i follow, and guess what they were all excellent!



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