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TM Interview Project - Tamarillo23 Aug, 2014
  wormi (4 comments, 2797 views) 

Hi everybody, today we have a driver from The Netherlands, who competes on serveral racing games instead of just Trackmania - but he is quite fast on this game too - he's Tamarillo! You can find more information about the project here.


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?

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You will never get it ...13 Aug, 2014
 kata78 (20 comments, 2222 views) 
I wanted to do something good for you ...

you dont get it ...

i spent hours to make you feel good ...

you do nothing for me ....

and that doesnt belong to donfetti .. HE IS THA MAN ... he did incredible things ... wow
im still astonished ...

ropesbart ... thanks for nothing ....

i made your donut ... you did nothing ...
you made a track for dagobert and valley and .. thx for nothing

AKEN .. we will make the money ;-)
your sound rocks

kata will make now money

there are much more competent block makers
and much more i will adore ...

The Sky is the limit .... and you dont get it07 Aug, 2014
 kata78 (3 comments, 1364 views) 
This week i added my second tutorial to the website:


In my second tutorial i show you, how you can change the "SkyColor.exr". And it's not only about the Color of the Sky, you can do any texture you like! I made a planet in Blender to show the possibilities... check out the map on the left!!

The music in the track is from our friend DJ AKEN! Meet him on our server on weekends!
Here is a link with...

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TM Interview Project - 20-10004 Aug, 2014
  wormi (11 comments, 2457 views) 

Hello guys! This time I can present you a Frenchman who has a lot racing experience in all environments of Trackmania, and has done a lot else too. Say hi to 20-100! You can find more information about the project here. Enjoy!


1. Why is your nickname 2o-1o.O?
Hello! Haha yes my ...

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My first (test) tutorial ....30 Jul, 2014
 kata78 (7 comments, 1088 views) 
Was kind of busy with my new app, so a little delay on this blog again. But it have good news!
I finally got a server for my files hosting AND! for my planned tutorials!

I started with my first tutorial today, it's in a stat...

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Whats your reaction time? 11.5k Planet competition...28 Jul, 2014
 coshank (6 comments, 968 views) 
Hey guys!

Are you tired of not having a chance in planet competitions?

Then maybe you should try out this new competition, it has more to do with your timing and reaction skills than your driving, so hopefully everyone will have a shot on first prize!

:gold: riolu! 5000 planets
:silver: Tigersen 2000 planets
:bronze: »ToY« Blade 1500 planets
:done: 4th-10th: mazer, trying, Pishi, Sky.', Wulfram, Mr.DVD, C4Freak 500 planets

10 replays reached!
Deadline: Sunday 3/8 - 20.00 CET

Happy hunting!
New competition! Prize: TM2:S!24 Jul, 2014
 katerbarg (0 comments, 945 views) 

Finally my competition ended!
Gongratulations to winner, riolu! I think, nobody surprised . He won the TM2:S account!
1. Riolu - 29.665:gold:
2. Killer.ru - 29.705:silver: (prize: ...

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Too much work ....21 Jul, 2014
 kata78 (3 comments, 932 views) 
Hello friends!

I was sitting here half a night, changing the musics and mods of the title pack tracks and decided ... too much work ...

So i decided to make our Title Pack just Multiplayer from now on ... Tracks till now stay in the solo mode, but if you want to have new tracks and mods and all stuff, you have to play online on one of our servers or download the tracks from here in TMX ...

Of course i will make more custom blocks and mods and so on .. but the SOL...

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Title Pack cannot be downloaded (#FIX#)19 Jul, 2014
 kata78 (4 comments, 1189 views) 
EDIT #2: Orignial Message see below.

Well what should i say .. it was my own fault depending on some file hosters which are free and promising heaven for nothing ......

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I bet you have never seen mediatracker work like t...18 Jul, 2014
 zipperke (1 comments, 864 views) 
Hey people from :tmx:

Listen to this:
Space ships, alien planets, plane crash in midair with a giant ufo.
over 30 custom music files, 40+ images in jpg and png format..
Over 8 different special carskins including: big planes, ufo's, jets, boats, buildings...
Ingame you get special effects explosions, crashing planes, buildings tumbeling over and crashing on the road with broken glass as sound effects..
A little first person shooter where you get the chance...

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