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I am a little late with this (or last) weeks blog...14 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 740 views) 
Sorry for not posting this weekend and not being on server. I got a cold and was laying in bed with fever ... It was rather cold in middle europe ... but now its getting hotter againRead More
Little Tired playing TM2? why don't you take a loo...09 Jul, 2014
  zipperke (4 comments, 798 views) 
Hey people from TM2
I have TM2 since the beta version but after a year I noticed that The stunt community on united was desperatly looking for new fun maps so i focused on that for a while.
Recently i've started to build racemaps in all the environments too with a stadiumcar (envymix)
For the latest one (stadiumcar on island) i used a fair amount of mediatracker work to get a cool concept with zombies.
I'm a big fan of the walking dead so i'm very anxious about se...

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Important information for track builders!04 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (1 comments, 889 views) 
Sorry to spam the blog but its important information:

A new update with many fixes is available as soon as you start Maniaplanet: Version 3.1

But there are issues: if you place some custom objects in editor .. game crashes ..

I already reported to quick fix section of forum : Click here to read...

Read More
Summer time!03 Jul, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 673 views) 
First i want to welcome a new member of our title pack creation team.

AKEN from Australia!

Check out his first track on the title pack! It's the 4th GREEN track in SOLO Mode of the new Update #3 of "Maximum 30 Seconds". You may also download it from TMX, look on the left side of this blog for featured tracks. Of course there are also Maps from Donfetti and Ropesbart!

Read More
TM Interview Project - magic-wb01 Jul, 2014
  wormi (2 comments, 1280 views) 

Hi! Do you like your car flying with 720 spins through objects placed around the map? Yes or no, today we have a stunt driver magic-wb, who does that quite often! You can find more information about the project here. Enjoy reading!


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?

Read More
Small VALLEY competition!26 Jun, 2014
  katerbarg (1 comments, 765 views) 

Congrats! The competition was finished.. The winners:
1. Riolu - 00:32.780 - 5000 planets
2. Keirabxtch - 00:32.836 - 4000 planets
3. Mr.DVD - 00:32.868 - 2000 planets
Thanks to the other members:
4. Shadi...

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Some good news...26 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 737 views) 
I told you about the bug report i posted last week on the forum. Good news ... i know answers to most of my questions. Part of it was no bug, but user failure.

But with every mistake you make, you learn and i learned A LOT. The last 10 years i have collected a big bunch of wisdom about Trackmania... I plan to share that ...

So a short report of what i came aware of:

1.) Musics on my...

Read More
TM Interview Project - LoCoBuDDha20 Jun, 2014
  wormi (6 comments, 1742 views) 

Well hello guys! Today I present you an interview with a Danish mapper with a dream job – or is it? You can decide, say hello to locobuddha! And yes I had to use the older writing form in title! You can find more information about the project Read More
How to put Trackmania in a box ...20 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (0 comments, 634 views) 
Hello everybody!

I promised you to show you, how to put trackmania in a box last week ...
Well ... did you all bring a box ...... ???

No? .... Ok so for my next weeks blog, don't forget to bring a box .....

So now to important stuff ... I made a bug report to Nadeo today with some
things i recognized during testing my server and updating my title pack ....

Read it
Read More
Maniaplanet 3 is great .. but ...13 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (2 comments, 696 views) 
I hope one entry a week is not spamming the blog ... ..

All so great new stuff! I fell for Trackmania again ...Read More
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