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Thoughts about Oculus Rift and co.08 Jun, 2014
  kata78 (3 comments, 676 views) 
You don't know what Oculus Rift is ? Take a look here :
Youtube Video OR

And a forum entry:
Forum OR Support

Virtual Reality will become Reality soon

And ...

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Trackmania Rpg Titlepack Mini Maps Needed05 Jun, 2014
  XCaliber (0 comments, 745 views) 
Hi all !

I'm looking for RPG maps that are built in Trackmania Rpg Titlepack. These maps need to meet the following criteria:

    10 mins. or less author time
    Built for Beginners (keep Route simple but fun)
    Beginner skill level only (no intermediate or Advanced skill levels).
    Nice looking maps and avoid flickering.
    Link to map page provided if uploaded to Mx
    PM me;)

Many thanks for all those interested in this collection of maps.

Hope to hear from all that are interested.
I heard that trackmania is dying ... makes me laug...31 May, 2014
  kata78 (6 comments, 1031 views) 
We are so less ??? We are many !!!
It has no sense??? LAUGHING OUT VERY LOUD ...

I often hear that playing video games is a waste of
time ...

The human race played games for thousands of years...

In recent studies was clear that playing games can very well
have very good effects on Alzheimer patients ...

Train your brain .. . keeps you young ... thats a fact ...

PLAY TM ! :):):)
Kata is very sorry ....30 May, 2014
  kata78 (2 comments, 512 views) 
I had a bad year ... but no excuses ... i missbehaved A LOT ...
I am sorry for all I said online or in here...

All i can say is that i hope you all forgive me and i promise
i well never carry my personal problems in here any more ...

There are psychatrists for maniacs like me:$:$:$

Trackmania should be about fun and not about personal problems ...
I broke this rule and I am sorry ...

Trackmania and this site (thx to Mr.A and his helpers) are such great things
which shouldn't be broken by an idiot like me...

So thanks again for unbanning me Mr.A and I swear, we now will have
only good times ...

StigAcademy - Win 10K Planets!17 May, 2014
  pfm (3 comments, 699 views) 

We have a winner!

This challenge is now closed.


Hi all,

I know there aren't a lot of players active in the forums so I'm posting this here as well.

I'm giving away 10K planets to the first driver to beat the secret Stig on my Canyon track:

"StigAcademy: KissKissBangBang by   pfm

The time to beat is 00:45.264

It should be quite a challenge to beat the time, have you got what it takes? =)
Classic Missions from tmx (The Easter Track by chr...21 Apr, 2014
  fab'm (2 comments, 685 views) 
The Easter Track by chris_du_21
03 apr 2010

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TM Interview Project - Samuel16 Apr, 2014
  wormi (4 comments, 1727 views) 

Hello giggles! This time I present you a French computer virtuoso, graphics guy and mapper, Samuel! You can find more information about the project here. Have fun reading!


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
Hi, my first name is Samuel and my last name is Yanez-Carbonell. ...

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Classic Missions from tmx (Space Race by Just)23 Feb, 2014
  fab'm (0 comments, 871 views) 
Space Race by Just
21 mar 2006

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Valley Endurance Tour16 Feb, 2014
  pfm (1 comments, 1009 views) 
Hi all Valley drivers, here is a challenge for you.

I have hand picked 5 of the best Valley endurance tracks and joined them in a challenge using my web app tm-rally
Expect a total driving time a bit under half an hour.

The Valley Endurance Tour features:

  • 48863

    Roughly 3-4 mins of epic dirt track i...

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Classic Missions from tmx (The Darnassus Fall by p...13 Feb, 2014
  fab'm (0 comments, 849 views) 
The Darnassus Fall by piepie
29 apr 2006

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