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What If?09 Aug, 2013
 Cxom (7 comments, 1001 views) 
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What if?

This will be the beginning of a blog series. How successful? Who knows.

Hopefully I can average once a week, if anyone even bothers to care about such a series.

The idea is that, within the post, certain ideas about things that could be added to Trackmania or Maniaplanet will be presented, with the attempt to elicit a response from the community that would para...

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Who would you like me to interview?08 Aug, 2013
  wormi (20 comments, 1802 views) 

Hello MX! As you can see I published the interview with wally today, and another interview will hopefully come during this month still. However, I have a question to you: who would you like to see being interviewed? My goal is to collect interviews with as many different kind of players as possible, and fresh ideas are now welcome.

I must say that I haven't interviewed any pro fullspeed speci...

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TM Interview Project - wally08 Aug, 2013
  wormi (9 comments, 1817 views) 

Has been a while from my last interview, once again! But don't worry, I haven't stopped! Now we have a guy from the land of forests and lakes... Not from Finland - He's wally, and he comes from Canada! You can find more infomation about the project here.


1. Could you tell us somet...

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NDC 2013: Maps wanted !!27 Jul, 2013
 ameliesachs (0 comments, 552 views) 

Hi all Dirt mappers, Nations Dirt Cup 2013 is glad to announce the start of our map search! We ask all of you mappers to help us make a great competition, your maps are vital to us all

You can send your contributions to this email:NationsDirtCup@gmail.com.

Latest date to send a map is 2013-10-01.

All selected mappers will be featured on ...

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DBS Contest Tracks21 Jul, 2013
  eyebo.wp (3 comments, 2264 views) 
Some of you might know that I recently organized three contests in the forums and gave away 18 TM²Valley keys. There was a screenshot making contest, an offline driving contest, and a track building contest. Together they were known as the "DBS Contest".

Well, the full results are in! You can check this post if you want to see the full results for all three contests.


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Time passes. For everything and everyone. It is up...12 Jul, 2013
 FT»Osaka (3 comments, 1732 views) 
Today I released a track. All of this was done very close to a gargadontic post I wrote on Enai's "Canyon is dead" thread. It is also a track that is effectively a version of an older one.

On my author comments I talked about how time passes. It's basically this moment in time i...

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The Valley Bubble: When Will It Pop?09 Jul, 2013
 Forzyy (11 comments, 1201 views) 
The Stadium bubble burst after a month. When do you think the Valley bubble will burst?

You can keep track of monthly upload statistics here.

TM Interview Project - Enai Siaion29 Jun, 2013
  wormi (7 comments, 1432 views) 

Yeees, it's back! It has been a while, but now I can present you an interview with one Belgian guy, Enai Siaion! You can find more infomation about the project here. So let's get started...


1. Could you tell us something about yourself? 
Yes: 29, Belgium, game mods, Skyri...

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Track of the Day: Synthesis26 Jun, 2013
 trackracer11 (0 comments, 591 views) 
Well, not much to say about today's track of the day. The map uses the underground tunnels effectively to create a solid tech map with a good flow. This track gives me hope for tech in TM2. I'm really excited to see what people come up with.:)
v.neck's new blocks review23 Jun, 2013
 v.neck (15 comments, 2414 views) 
Hey peoples

and welcome to a TM2 Staidum - NEW BLOCKS !!! review done by v.neck. In this review I will cover pretty much every single of the new added blocks, their viability on modern (FS) tracks and give my very personal opinion on it. Now, this might come up a bit prematurely, since I haven't even built a legit track out of those new blocks yet, but I spent my last day and a half well testing and...

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