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Interview - shortz17 Jan, 2017
  NMD (0 comments, 1053 views) 
>>> shortz

It's been a long time since we have interviewed a moviemaker, so it was about time to interviewed the most famous one, shortz. We have asked him about his YouTube channel, favorite projects, how to be good at movie making, User Choice Award and TMX Driving Academy.

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EnduCross 2H 1st edition13 Jan, 2017
  LionTrackmania (0 comments, 1025 views) 
Hey guys and girls ! A new endurance event is comming,
ENDUCROSS 2H 1st edition

Informations and rules:
There is the new fun event by the Mx-Cup trackmania :
It’s a new endurance event composed of two races about one hour long for each one,...
no need to register yourself in the competition. Just join the server 59-30 minutes before the cup starts (beetween 3.30pm and 4pm).
Date : cup is on february 12th (sunday) 2017 from 4pm to 7pm (utc+1)
Warm-Up : 30 ...

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Interview - *aAa* Cocow19 Dec, 2016
  NMD (0 comments, 1032 views) 
>>> *aAa* Cocow

Another event of ours is over, and a new champion is crowned! This time it was Cocow from against all authority who ended up with the title. We had a chat with the french guy on how he managed to win Mixed Short Hunt 2016, his development as a top tech player, his future in the game, his team and being a french player in a french made game.

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Interview - Schumi30 Nov, 2016
  NMD (0 comments, 712 views) 
>>> Schumi

Today we will have a chat with a guy who is most known for creating car skins, but recently he has had success as a player himself. We had a chat with our French friend "Schumi" about making skins, being a leader of a Trackmania team, playing for Planetkey Dynamics and the future of Trackmania. Enjoy the interview!

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Interview - expert|serbi18 Nov, 2016
  NMD (0 comments, 776 views) 

>>> expert|serbi

Once again we are lucky enough to interview one of the top players in the scene. This time it’s the danish player Serbi! Serbi is part of Team expert, that recently has arrived the scene with two top teams. We’ll ask Serbi about his new team, his old team acer, thoughts about the STC final, online events and the upcoming Mixed Short Hunt event.

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RPG Preview Screenshots01 Nov, 2016
  v.neck (13 comments, 1638 views) 
Hello MX:cool:

For the past 2 years I've been secretly working on my RPG. As of today I'm ready to show you some of it.

Imgur Album:

(credits to   SapphiroN for the screenshots)

The track will release early 2017
Interview - wormi22 Oct, 2016
  NMD (4 comments, 875 views) 

>>> wormi

It's time to interview a guy from the community! We will have a talk with wormi about the upcoming Mixed Short Hunt, what's important when it comes to mapping, Maniaplanet Worldcup and interviews.

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Interview - dignitas/paco07 Sep, 2016
  NMD (1 comments, 935 views) 
>>> dignitas/paco

As MAN vs MAN sponsored by comes to an end, it’s time for us to interview the most successful player in the four events; dignitas/paco. We’ve asked him about his view on MAN vs MAN, ESWC, the upcomming Maniaplanet World Cup, Team Dignitas, Trackmania Turbo and ESL - Hockolicious.

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Track Hunt competition :) 20 Aug, 2016
  coshank (1 comments, 786 views) 
1st: wormi
2nd: RayRaven

Congrats! PM your logins :)

Good luck!
Interview - PkD//Flyer09 Aug, 2016
  NMD (0 comments, 871 views) 
>>> PkD//Flyer

This time we are lucky enough to have a chat with one of the stars in Planetkey Dynamics line-up, PkD//Flyer. Not long ago he claimed 2nd place in Weekly Short Hunt Season 4, but now he is ready to participate in our next event, MAN vs MAN sponsored by

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