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random chatting and a cheap whiskey [part #1]23 Dec, 2011
  md (7 comments, 757 views) 
cheers guys and gals!
honesty, i don't know what i'm gonna do with this post: just thought it was cool to try the new blog feature.
so, i read some other posts here and most of them -no offence to those who wrote them, uhu- just sucked. they were like 'oh buddies go and try my newest track it's so cool and i'm begging for awards cause i can't live without them!' i mean, chill out man!
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The process of making a screenshot22 Dec, 2011
   Tuta (8 comments, 1007 views) 

"Ah, the creativity and artistic expression that shine through this collection of pixels gives me an urge to show the world how able I am to handle myself in a piece of pirated software too"

Super! You are already at step 1, inspiration. Usually after you've seen something you fancy, you want to create somethi...

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Needing a 1k Project map [Price: 5000+ planets!]22 Dec, 2011
  metoxys (0 comments, 680 views) 
Hey guys,

I am currently looking for a map for another 1k Project that I am planning. Concerning the project itself, more details are revealed once a map has been found.

metoxys says:

  • Mood: Day or Sunrise
  • Difficulty to Finish: None
  • Must be suitable for a 1k Project
  • Should be fun enough to get 1000 replays on it
  • Shall have enough paths for 1000 replays to drive on
  • No MT!
  • Suitable length

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The Old Legend (planets to win)22 Dec, 2011
  C4Freak (0 comments, 743 views) 
Finally, I present you my fourth track for Trackmania 2: Canyon. It is a fast fullspeeder, with a lot of jumps and drops. The time is about 45 seconds and I decided to make a track which is good to hunt. The track is kinda easy so it should not be a problem to finish for you (: I made this track for the ESL, but it wasn't chosen, so I released it now.
The lovely screen is made by .drmy#, thanks for that masterpiece!

The best time will win 700 planets, read the author comment.
Sickest intro ever 22 Dec, 2011
  BLiNNeMaNS (5 comments, 848 views) 
I've just released a new track (smurf in 30 seconds) and my oh my... so proud of the intro.
(screenie is a screendump of the actual intro)

The entire smurf and font was built with 2D triangles. It took me a total time of 38 hrs, but as i am going to use it for all my 30 sec tracks, in the end it'll probably be a timesaver.

(had to build it in trackmania forever and export to maniaplanet as it's still not possible to build in tm2)
Styles and Modes of TrackMania22 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (5 comments, 9403 views) 
Time Attack is all about setting the best time possible. You have a set amount of time on the server in which you can do as many runs as you want. When the timer hits 0:00, the person with the best time wins.

In Rounds everyone starts at the same time. It's all about placing as highly as you can to maximize your points for the round. Rounds mode has a point limit, for instance 125 points. Multiple runs are played by everyone on the server until someone goes over 125 points. When t...

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Do awards make a track overrated?22 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (8 comments, 1199 views) 
Someone on the forum asked if the number of awards a track receives could make the track overrated.

My reply was as follows....

Awards are simply a visual representation of the number of people who liked the track. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Overrate means...
- to rate or appraise too highly

Something being "overrated" has nothing to do with the number of aw...

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A word about collaborative tracks.22 Dec, 2011
   eyebo.wp (2 comments, 539 views) 
First, a word about the blogs.

This is my first entry on MX. I'm really happy to see the blogs live. I'm sure there will be some bugs to work out over time and people will have an adjustment period to see how best to use them. It's my hope that they won't turn into a spamfest, but will be a nice place where users can share helpful tips and tricks about the game, feature exceptionally fun or creative tracks that they run across, or notify fellow players about interestin...

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INSOMNIA X-MAS EVENT (19.12.11-01.01.12) Win 50.00...21 Dec, 2011
  German INSOMNIA Clan (3 comments, 1478 views) 

The German INSOMNIA Clan has started his TM2 X-MAS EVENT where TM2-Players can win a total of 50.000 Planets! All you have to do is to play as much time at the brandnew INSOMNIA LOL-SERVER as you can! The TOP-50 players with the most playtime (in hours)...

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Patriot »CT« Christmas Blog (Update)21 Dec, 2011
  Patriot (5 comments, 1120 views) 
Merry Christmas all friends, downloader, driver, awarder, commentators(y);)
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