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Mission: "Don't give unwanted shortcuts a chance!"21 Dec, 2011
  German INSOMNIA Clan (5 comments, 647 views) 
Misson: "Don't give unwanted shortcuts a chance!"

Our Clan (INSOMNIA) does not allow any cuts at our clanmaps!
Therefore our Clan is checking and testdriving our clanmaps internal a lot of times before we publish them, as we don't wanna give any unwanted shortcut a chance! And we take this kinda serious, as we do not like "cheating". But sometime...

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delete20 Dec, 2011
  nitro (0 comments, 456 views) 
delete this blog please, i cant delete, it says me any error:o
MTC Blog!20 Dec, 2011
  Monthly Contest Blog (3 comments, 437 views) 
Hey guys!

Here it is, the official MTC (and possibly in the future MSC) blog! We will keep you on track about everything that happens around the Monthly Contests here. Hopefully some kind of subscription option will be added, so that you can receive the news about MTC without checking the forums every day. We will announce new competitions and other news on the blog.

To give you something worth reading, we have something quite special coming up in January! Make sure you have time to be around MX then!

Ville & KekX, MTC hosts
Coyote20 Dec, 2011
  trackracer11 (0 comments, 448 views) 
Yes, because this is my blog, I'm going to self-promote my own tracks on here. Oh well...

Anyways, track reviews will start coming up very soon! Please keep a lookout for them!
# Mini map Series #20 Dec, 2011
  ali1905 (2 comments, 648 views) 

Yo guys,

Welcome on my blog!
For the 1st post of my blog i present you my mini map series.
Soon i add 3 map more for complete the series of units.
#8 - #9 - #10 - under construction.

♦The characteristics of the Mini Series:
#1 - Last virage: U-turn!Read More
Xmas compo20 Dec, 2011
  Snip'thib (0 comments, 475 views) 
Reach The 1st offline record & win a tm² canyon key8-|
HF and having an happy new year:p
Desolation20 Dec, 2011
  C4Freak (0 comments, 796 views) 
Yo guys,
my new fullspeeder without drifts called Desolation is out.
I hope you like it.
If you can finish it upload your replay ;)

Greetz Freak
Welcome to the Blogs!20 Dec, 2011
  Mania Exchange (9 comments, 1769 views) 
It's taken a while, but they're finally here! The Mania Exchange user blogs. A place to share all things ManiaPlanet.

What are the blogs for?
The blogs are a way of promoting/sharing creations, events, competitions, projects, websites, videos/movies, tips and tutorials. Anything ManiaPlanet related really.

A word about linking to things: Write something about why you'...

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