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Give Me Building Challenges!01 Oct, 2015
  Nixotica (10 comments, 940 views) 
Give Me Building Challenges

I enjoy making maps with limitations, which is why a thoroughly enjoy the MTC. But this only comes once a month! So what I want you (the audience ) to do is give me some building challenges! Here is what you need to do:

Idea Submission
- Message me through the MX your idea.
- Give a detailed description of the rules that apply to my...

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Trio Cup Results!24 Sep, 2015
  Nixotica (3 comments, 944 views) 
Trio Cup Results

Thank you to all of the people who submitted times and participated in this cup! I really enjoyed hosting it, and I hope you enjoyed playing it. Now for the results:

1st Place - Clem - 30 Points (!!!)
2nd Place - Clearvision - 20 Points
3rd Place - habichuelo & iemm98 - 16 Points
4th Place - SPEED | KNIGHT - 6 Points

Clem will receive 2000 Planets for his victory.
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Set a sign against racism!20 Sep, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (5 comments, 668 views) 
Hey, i started a community project against racism, its easy to contribute, and maybe youll win something ;)
For all information check the description:

Deadline will be published later
Competition #6 Ended.16 Sep, 2015
  katerbarg (0 comments, 854 views) 
Competition #6 ended! - 26.09.15
1. DarkKnight - 32.043 :gold:
2. Denis_111a - 32.098 :silver:
3. Doc_Me4ik - 32.106 :bronze:
4. Keirabxtch - 32.107(brb)
x. Me - 32.157 :build:
5. ice_nine - 32.165 =p
6. Nïx - 32.282 (y)
7. Mr.DVD - 32.39888-|
8. Scape>BCS - 32.685 ;)
9. TmTmTm - 1:17.561 :$ :build:
Thank you for tooking part, awards and replays!(l)
[What do you think?] Medal Times13 Sep, 2015
  pfm (5 comments, 935 views) 
Have you ever driven a track and been disappointed that the medal times were set too easy?
Or maybe they were too hard?
Or maybe they were just unfair? =)

I think one of the most fun things to do in TM is just to load a track in Local Play and hunt some nice challenging gold medals, and then try for the Author Time.

I'm always a bit disappointed when the medal times are not setup with progressive difficulty.
But I also realize that many authors don't ...

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[updated] Get a spot in my Youtube videos!20 Aug, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (2 comments, 716 views) 
Hey Guys! I am planning to make some youtube videos about my tracks and i need your replays
on some of them! Would be great if you can give them a try and help! Here is my channel:
Without Cut:

Obscure Builders #1 (Zaboj)17 Aug, 2015
  pfm (8 comments, 819 views) 
Hi trackmaniacs!

I'm back to TM life after a year long break. yupeee =)

Lets dive straight into another weird project that I plan to be a series of blog posts.

Valley Obscure Builders
The idea is simple: I will find Valley builders that have only one track published on mx and no awards and as little track activity as possible (replays, dedis, etc).

But why?
Some may ask why I would go to the trouble of looking for tracks tha...

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Small competition #2 (#5) Ended.12 Aug, 2015
  katerbarg (0 comments, 648 views) 
Hi! Competition ended. The winner is Doc_Me4ik.
1. Doc_Me4ik:gold: - 39.485 - 5000 planets(y)
x. Me - 39.524:build:
2. Patriot - 39.536:silver: - 4000 planets (y)
3. ice_nine - 39.572 :bronze: - 3000 planets(y)
4. 19steven92 - 39.636(y)
5. KimoOouille - 39.755(y)
6. Dag@bert - 39.778(y)
7. Ropesbart - 39.802 (y)
8. Stefanos - 39.991(y)
9. Exhaust»BCS - 40.310(y)
10. TmTmTm - 3:17.782 (y):build:
Thanks for tooking part, replays and awards:)
Q Bot - expressive driving competition10 Aug, 2015
  pfm (0 comments, 649 views) 
Had an idea to do a creative driving competition on the brilliant endurance track "Q Bot by   MX-Community

The objective would be to drive as creatively as possible.
Best replays would be featured in a video.

For more details and to comment please go to the forum thread here

[updated] Chase Valleycar Tournament - 21st-22nd A...03 Aug, 2015
  Beatinfected (7 comments, 3198 views) 
updated 22.8.

First of all: Thank you all for participating in our cup. We hope it was fun for everyone Here are the final-results:

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