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Want to have a just for fun cup?11 Jun, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (4 comments, 705 views) 
Hey MX!

Just wanted to see if there is any interest in having a Just For Fun cup?

My thought with this would be to create more activity here in the community and making it more fun to be active here! ...

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[updated] Get a spot in my Youtube videos!07 Jun, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (3 comments, 773 views) 
Hey Guys! I am planning to make some youtube videos about my tracks and i need your replays
on some of them! Would be great if you can give them a try and help! Here is my channel:
Without Cut:

My 100th map is out! Win 4000 Planets01 Jun, 2015
  SYNERGY.aerosol! (0 comments, 597 views) 
Hey, here's a little comp for you:
Set the fastest time until Sunday 12:00 CEST (not midnight!) and you'll win 4000 planets!
The track is my big 100th track special :)
Have Fun :)
[Bad Track/Map Link]
TM Interview Project - frostBeule16 May, 2015
   wormi (7 comments, 2323 views) 

After a long, long pause we return with a new interview. I guess the man behind the text doesn’t need further introduction, since you know him anyway – it’s frostBeule! More information about the project here.


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
Hi my name is Kalle Videkul...

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Animations in mods possible03 Apr, 2015
  zipperke (4 comments, 938 views) 
Hello all
I've been experimenting in the Older game Nations / united and i found some fun tricks that so it seems have never been done before. (idea brought to me by kristjan)

I can make the blocks and the mood change during play..

I can make animated lava and water

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New competition! Prize: 6k*3 planets!23 Feb, 2015
  katerbarg (1 comments, 884 views) 
Hi! I decided to make a new competition (3rd time) in valley again (3rd time).. You must submit your replay on mania-exchange map page (this map). The prizes: 1st :gold: , 2nd :silver: and 3rd :bronze: places - 6 000 planets :gold::silver::bronze: . The end of competition: through 3 days after this map will receive 10 replays (not including my). Have fun and good luck!(y)
Fun Tech Cup 100,000 in payouts!21 Feb, 2015
  coshank (0 comments, 748 views) 
Have fun on the server :)

[TEST] Valley A01 (Stadium Car)04 Feb, 2015
   Clearvision.wp (3 comments, 986 views) 

I just tried uploading Valley A01 with the Stadium car and would like some help testing it out to see if it works.
If it works I might upload all tracks with the Stadium car.

I've tried opening the track i...

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K-Project Survey01 Feb, 2015
  Zack11 (4 comments, 656 views) 
I'm currently working on a K-Project (1000 cars on 1 map)! I already have all the replays I need, but I don't know what skin they should be That is where you come in

1. Same Skin (All 1000 cars look the same)
--> a. Which Skin? (Please tell me which skin I should use)
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Daily Challenge - Update17 Jan, 2015
  Mazer (2 comments, 751 views) 
Some news about the daily challenges

=> Last blog entry
=> Forum topic
=> Server

I've started to spend more and more...

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