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Search Results
A tribute track: PlanetEke 11 Jan, 2015
 bcs'Alpha (4 comments, 1449 views) 
Hello Mania Exchange,

As the BCS community we made a tribute track for our friend Eke from Germany. Unfortunately he had a bad accident at work last year and cannot play this game anymore. We were very sorry to hear that he would be leaving us at BCS because he was a popular and well respected member. Alex was known for his friendly and...

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Daily Challenge 03 Jan, 2015
 Mazer (3 comments, 1138 views) 
As some of you may already know I've started a new series at the beginning of this year. It's called daily challenge and as the name might already suggest there is a new track everyday; quite short (5-15 secs) and of course a bit challenging.

Although I'm doing this for fun the winner gets 50 Planets . But even if you aren't the fastest I'd be very satisfied when you are participating...

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testomg 28 Nov, 2014
 haenry (4 comments, 1183 views) 
TM Interview Project - Sabre 14 Nov, 2014
 wormi (3 comments, 2373 views) 

Hello, it has been a while! Today I can present you a multitalent gamer who I saw live this year in ESWC. This British guy lately has returned to the game as stronger than ever – say allez to Sabre! More information about the project here.


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?

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Tech Track Competition 11 Nov, 2014
 Quasar_TM (5 comments, 821 views) 
Hi all, Mattthegamer (now ĄЃĶ΅〷зиÐêѓrÂҪѮЯ'〷) here and I wanted to start a little competition....Here are the rules
1. It should be a tech/speedtech track
2. About 0.45.00 to 1.15.00 (minutes/seconds) long
3. It should not be too hard (Intermediate level)
4. Have Fun Making Your Track!
5. Post the link in your reply to enter it
6. Environment is Canyon

(This is all for good fun)
Looking for custom object for map 22 Oct, 2014
 Sayotoshi (6 comments, 1101 views) 
Hi all,

I'm looking for object for Canyon environment. I was searching on Maniapark but didn't find what I was looking for

Some time ago I released a map where I mixed CP on wall. Now there is possible to put custom objects created by community so I would like to fix this map by giving more space to d...

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PF Competition 10 Oct, 2014
 flawlessd (5 comments, 889 views) 
What do you think of a PF competition, in which the task is to create a PF track, which's drives like a tech or fullspeed tech -style track?
Sorry Ropesbart and community ... 26 Sep, 2014
 kata78 (2 comments, 1303 views) 
You know me well, Herbert ...

You know where the name kata is from? ... Katatonia ... well wikipedia helps ...

Ropesbart knows me well ... and i hope the others can forgive me ...
i cant promise it will happen in the future .. but thats what i am ...

Ups and downs ... but now i got a new job and i wont be there so often ...
so if you see me .. ignore me or shout at me .. both i have earned ...

or except me as i am .. like ropesbart did and does ...

thx mate
you helped me through tough times ....

Ps. BTW did you know there are ants in skyrim?
Hide and Seek evenings 26 Sep, 2014
 Marius 89 (2 comments, 876 views) 
Hey guys

I plan to organise a Hide&Seek evening in TM2 again, this time in the Multienvironment Titlepack!
This means we can play maps of all 3 environments together for the first time.

Date: Wednesday, 1. of October 19:00 CEST ( = 17:00 GMT)
Server: "Hide&Seek" in Multi-Environment Titlepack
Password: hs
Teamspeak: (Mania-Ac...

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Creating Perfection Project by Zack11 08 Sep, 2014
 Zack11 (6 comments, 1246 views) 
I recently hunted "E03 - Ultimate Nightmare" for the world record, but I started to wonder: What is Perfect? Creating Perfection was born!

Creating Perfection is where I hunt small parts of the map until I get them perfect, and then put together all the best parts to create a "Perfect Run." For E03, I used 10 different replays, and created a time almost 13 seconds faster then the world record. My first video hides the change between repl...

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