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Read Post 10:03 PM on 22-Nov-2019
  florenzius It's time for the next official TrackMania One campaign! You might have heard about TrackMania One - Speed (V2), the remastered Speed/Desert environ...
Read Post 12:20 PM on 20-Nov-2019
Hello mappers ! I am trying to organize RPG cup for next year and would need maps. I have contacted most of known rpg titlepack mappers but I would like to see maps from someone who isn't directly connected to the titlepack. This could be describe...
Read Post 7:20 PM on 27-Oct-2019
the Trackmania Dirt League come back for a new edition that will take place early 2020 ! (January - February) We are looking for dirt maps, you can find the requirements below. Requirements: Length: From 55 sec to 1min05 sec Difficulty: Cha...
Read Post 8:11 PM on 22-Oct-2019
The French Championship has been announced this sunday after the TRF 2019 final ! Without map, no competition. So we'll start with the maps request. Here you can find all of the informations you need to map ! MAP: Mix styles MAP NAME: $39cC$fff...
Read Post 6:53 PM on 03-Oct-2019
Trackmania Stars is back for yet another season of Competition Premiership, the 21st edition! You will be able to submit your maps from 4th October up until 27th October – only updates will be accepted afterwards.* While building your map, plea...
Read Post 7:56 PM on 13-Sep-2019
The Planet Dirt Cup is making his return with the 2nd Solo edition! Happening from early November to mid-December (official announcement coming soon), we are looking for fresh community dirt maps: Requirements : Name : $i$s$c60pdc $aaa- $fffMa...
Read Post 7:29 PM on 02-Sep-2019
Alright, we have attained a sufficient number of maps. This request is now closed, thanks a lot for all contributors :gold: For those of you who will make new Nascar maps in the future: - All Nascar maps published on MX will be added to the N...
Read Post 10:15 AM on 14-Aug-2019
A quick word here. We will be sending our request to Nadeo to open the channel during the month of August. The request remains open, so don't hesitate to submit new maps!
Read Post 9:33 PM on 08-Jul-2019
Tech maps : 50 – 65 second maps. Maps should be enjoyable to play , please calm down on the hard finish jumps. Custom blocks are allowed but keep it to a minimum. Map name : PTC – NAME Keep the decoration to a minimum. The map is impo...
Read Post 8:06 PM on 08-Jul-2019
It's perfectly fine as long as it's respawnable ;)
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