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Read Post 11:34 PM on 15-Jan-2020
A big thanks to everyone who voted! Here are the results for the MX User Choice Awards 2019! Congratulations to all the winners! Voting scores are scored as 1st: 5 points, 2nd: 3 points, 3rd: 1 point. A full list of results are available here...
Read Post 12:02 AM on 15-Jan-2020
Thank you to all (30!) that participated! Voting is now closed. Expect the results to be posted (hopefully) within the next few days.
Read Post 8:54 PM on 14-Jan-2020
:bronze: :silver: :gold: RESULTS :gold: :silver: :bronze: the CCH ended this Sunday and here are the results after more than a month of hunt! 1st - :gold: MrCinimini :gold: : 268 points // 48133 Planets...
Read Post 10:48 PM on 13-Jan-2020
I confirm
Read Post 11:43 AM on 11-Jan-2020
Voted :done:
Read Post 9:15 PM on 10-Jan-2020
  SM|l valplay
Voted :done:
Read Post 11:18 AM on 10-Jan-2020
Voted (Y) :cool: (Y) Only a few days left!!
Read Post 5:42 PM on 09-Jan-2020
Voted :)
Read Post 4:35 AM on 08-Jan-2020
Voted :build: (Y)
Read Post 1:58 PM on 07-Jan-2020
Voted :done:
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