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Read Post 12:54 PM on 30-Sep-2019
It's been some time since the last Level Cup and now it's time for the next one! Down below you find all the information what this cup is about. Level Cup 2 - Multilap edition - 16th Oct (Wednesday) at 20:00 CET Maximum amount of players - 50...
Read Post 5:05 PM on 26-Aug-2019
This map was originally build for the XDRace but . . . yes. . . so now on MX :$ The MX WR on this map will be rewarded of 20$. Deadline : 20 September 2019 The winner will have the price and the replay insert in the map showcase on Youtube....
Read Post 6:41 PM on 19-Mar-2019
After a few months of thinking, building and organising, I am happy to announce the first Level Cup. Here are notes about everything you need to know about the LevelCup on 3rd April Maximum amount of players - 50 Minimum amount of players - 16...
Read Post 1:03 PM on 16-Mar-2019
asteri Cup #2 Date & Time: Tuesday, 23rd April, starting at 6PM CEST Duration: 1 Evening Concept: Cup Mode, Players splittet randomly on 2 seperate servers, Top X qualify for the next round which is already the grand final. Top 3 of the final wi...
Read Post 7:08 PM on 26-Feb-2019
  fredair.esu Creative Building ContestHere's the second edition of the CBC, the Creative Building Contest, brought to you by 16352. Who will win the this edition, after Lars and Marius89 could win the very first edition with the...
Read Post 12:14 AM on 17-Feb-2019
158339 Details on the map page. A chance for two lucky talented players to pick up some Planets - 3,000p on offer. Ignore the author time - beat my best Time (06'44''124). This is not a hard map but there is at least one sneaky bit which I...
Read Post 5:12 PM on 18-Jan-2019
Wow I got an award, did not expect that for sure. I'm glad some people enjoyed my first maps last year, and I'm gonna bring some more this year for sure. Thanks for this and see you soon !
Read Post 12:01 AM on 16-Jan-2019
Congrats to all the winners and everyone happy with their results and a big thanks to everyone who voted. Really didn't expect to be up there, but very happy to share 1st with eyebo. I hope I can keep the quality of my tracks up there and maybe e...
Read Post 10:24 PM on 15-Jan-2019
Congrats to all the winners and thx for hosting ! ^^ :P
Read Post 3:46 AM on 15-Jan-2019
Thank you to everyone who voted! Here are the results for the MX User Choice Awards 2018! Congratulations to all the winners! Voting scores are scored as 1st: 5 points, 2nd: 3 points, 3rd: 1 point. A full list of results are available here Cre...
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