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Read Post 5:47 AM on 28-Dec-2019
The track has been completed and released! 180217
Read Post 9:51 AM on 24-Nov-2019
Note to mappers involved in this project The Stadium X-Mas Mods has been updated with new MX logos and MP4 style booster textures ! Be aware to dowload these new mods and put the new version of the one you've chosen on your CCP map , if you don...
Read Post 8:35 AM on 26-Oct-2019
Note to mappers involved in this project ! 19214 will be the videomaker of this year aswell ! So be sure to give me/him the files of your maps and a nice replay at least one week before the release of your map ! Also for those who want to do a l...
Read Post 12:35 PM on 10-Oct-2019
Read Post 11:53 AM on 10-Oct-2019
For many years, community members have hosted a time attack competition on TMX called ARC. The goal of this competition was to determine the best time attack driver across the most popular map styles. In 2019 it is finally time to bring this competit...
Read Post 8:18 PM on 09-Oct-2019
CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT 2019 What is the CCP? The CCP works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present 8-| . The CCP used to be hosted on TMX and has now been revamped on M...
Read Post 7:56 PM on 10-Sep-2019 (Picture by 21348) Novating Community is looking for members! After announcing our three first members, 22219, 18856, and myself, we are opening our public recruitment tonight! What is nc? nc, which stands fo...
Read Post 7:16 PM on 02-Jun-2019
Update on the project! :o - 46% of the map 120/260] are done and marked as done! - Every titlepack needs 10 players before it gets published to the maniaplanet store. For this project is no diffrence, we need 10 players for each title. But...
Read Post 11:39 PM on 31-May-2019
ah ok, my bad, didnt really look that much into it yet :)
Read Post 11:23 PM on 31-May-2019
The generator does only generate the actual route. The example tracks only were decorated manually by me. ;)
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