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Read Post 4:25 PM on 21-Sep-2020
Indeed Map: 42190 by: 21
Read Post 10:59 PM on 19-Sep-2020
Thanks for the feedback and scoring folks--it's greatly appreciated. Hopefully there will be more MTC participation in October, once the initial TM2020 dust has settled a bit... :)
Read Post 10:39 AM on 19-Sep-2020
Track Value : (Useless) ? https://tm....
Read Post 12:57 AM on 16-Sep-2020
  Arkive pjw takes home the gold! :gold: 210342 This is an interesting one. Overall I found it a nice challenge. - Eyebo Each corner is distinct, and the course stays short and too the point. - Arkive I really like the...
Read Post 3:45 PM on 14-Sep-2020
I'm having some weirdness with this again? I'm currently logged into: ...just fine. But (almost?) every day when I visit TM2X or TMX2020, I have to manually log in (and can do so by just clicking the "log in...
Read Post 10:31 AM on 13-Sep-2020
Hidden map? Tries to break my old records (and someone's records...) but I can see some maps are hidden. Because they are broken? Hidden but records are included in the leaderboards... :thinking:
Read Post 8:33 PM on 09-Sep-2020
Bonjours a vous, j,ai réglé mon problème, (Y) ... j,ai télécharger mes mappes sur ManiaExchange, ensuite cliquer pour ouvrir avec Steam, et lorsque j'ouvrais le dossier download sur Steam, je pouvais apercevoir les mappes, Voila!!!...merci a vous,...
Read Post 7:20 PM on 09-Sep-2020
I have made a list of all Trackmania related Discordservers I could find. If you have a Discord thats not on the list just send a permanent invite link to me and I'll add it.
Read Post 7:05 PM on 09-Sep-2020
Merci a ceux qui m'ont donné réponse, mais comment puis-je modifier mes mappes s'ils sont sur le forum ManiaExchange?......comment puis-je procédé...merci de m'aidé.
Read Post 1:07 PM on 09-Sep-2020
Bonjours, je me demandais comment récupéré mes mappes éditeur que j'avais sur le site Steam, alors que je devais allé modifier une de mes mappes, je m'aperçu qu'ils y étaient plus, alors je me demandais comment les récupéré, si cela est possible. Il...
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