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Read Post 11:45 PM on 01-Sep-2020
  Arkive August 2020 Public Voting Link: This month there's 1 map again! Download it here. In the voting sheet, give your score before your feedback (0 to 10, decimals are allowed). I...
Read Post 11:35 PM on 01-Sep-2020
Submissions are officially closed! Once again, it looks like we've only got one submission. If you have any last minute edits, you have 24 hours from this post to make them. I'll have the public voting sheet ready soon.
Read Post 3:14 AM on 28-Aug-2020
Thanks to our participant this month for joining in the contest! Wow...that's an awkward phrase, isn't it? :) Seriously though, thanks a bunch to all three of you for not only the effort put forth to drive the track, but the very thoughtful and...
Read Post 12:35 AM on 28-Aug-2020
  Arkive pjw takes first place! :gold: 199440 The finish on top is a good idea; overall, the deserved winner this month! :D - Marius89 The sections were all rather unique and creative. - Arkive Overall I like the atmo...
Read Post 8:12 AM on 26-Aug-2020
:build: You might want to add custom to valley car as the dirt file has a default licence plate on it.
Read Post 4:36 AM on 20-Aug-2020
hello, is there an option to remove the outer stadium and ground in a finished stadium map? any mod out there? i remember some maps placed in the sky and thats what im looking for, but dont remember the names. also i cant copy the map into ope...
Read Post 8:37 PM on 18-Aug-2020
Map: 187916 by 224
Read Post 9:33 PM on 12-Aug-2020
:O awesome skins. thx for this great idea. new skin stuff for my Trackmania video channel 8-| :gold: (Y)
Read Post 8:17 PM on 11-Aug-2020
   eyebo.wp 645 has made some awesome TM2 skins for . If you've ever wanted to represent your favorite mapping site while playing TM2 Canyon, Valley, Stadium, or Lagoon, grab this pack of skins. Locators are included. (Downl...
Read Post 2:25 PM on 11-Aug-2020
It works exactly the same in multilap. 1. Trigger with Race Camera set to Internal at the start of a loop with "keep playing enabled". 2. Empty trigger at the exit of a loop. No conditions set.
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