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Read Post 9:12 PM on 12-Feb-2020
  A Bored Person
So stadium has a 64x64 base but how come this was never done for the other Environments? Was it hard to do? Have not tried using the 64x64 in vanilla as i never really play stadium but i fiddled around with it in a titlepack. Is it a mod that was...
Read Post 2:39 PM on 12-Feb-2020
(...) I just unlinked my account and linked it again and it's working normally. (...) Hello, I'm trying to unlink my MX account from the MP one, in order to link it to a new one. Is this possible? If so, how? I have accessed my profile page, but it...
Read Post 12:26 AM on 12-Feb-2020
Hello! I have a simple question.. where can I download the winter stadium theme thats used in OGL, so I can build on it? Thank you (:
Read Post 12:22 AM on 11-Feb-2020
Thanks Eyebo. It's been a while then ...
Read Post 10:07 PM on 10-Feb-2020
Voted :done:
Read Post 8:23 AM on 09-Feb-2020
Read Post 5:46 PM on 08-Feb-2020
Create your map from a map already created with only the checkpoints already placed. The same style as on Trackmania United with Puzzle mode. (The checkpoints already placed on the map can be any checkpoint). The goal is to see the imagination of...
Read Post 10:13 AM on 08-Feb-2020
This is a bug with the game currently. It's defaulting to the snapshot camera view. It also happens if you open a replay in-game and choose "View". It's been reported to Nadeo.
Read Post 12:31 AM on 08-Feb-2020
Probably about a year ago I noticed that when viewing someone else's replay using "Watch", the viewpoint stays stuck at one position on the track, usually where you can't even see the vehicle. I'm sure in the past this used to just follow the vehicle...
Read Post 6:37 PM on 07-Feb-2020
I think Valley will suit well, good stuff to hear! (Y)
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