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Read Post 12:30 AM on 03-Dec-2019
Hi error, you did donate with the account "Ekim", not with the account "error" (Check the username on the screenshots). That mistake might've been on you. Please reply if you want to have the supporter days transferred to your current (error /...
Read Post 11:57 PM on 02-Dec-2019
  AR »rexine
Yes, terraforming has to be inside of the rectangle.
Read Post 8:38 PM on 02-Dec-2019
Indeed. The valid combinations you can have are as follows, with the lengths ordered with the longest first, and the shortest last: - Requires 64x64 base - Requires 64x64 base 32 x 8 x 1 32 x 4 x 2 16 x 16 x 1 16 x 8 x 2 16 x 4 x 4 8 x 8...
Read Post 7:13 PM on 02-Dec-2019
Thanks for the scam !! join the team crew: 5 euros for nothing !! (Y)
Read Post 5:31 PM on 02-Dec-2019
Read Post 11:38 PM on 01-Dec-2019
  AR »rexine
No, it can be any combination since the volume would remain the same.
Read Post 11:27 PM on 01-Dec-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
32x2x4 would mean for exemple 32 lenght, 2 width & 4 height?
Read Post 8:59 PM on 01-Dec-2019
Well. Some maps were good, some were clearly much better than mine, while others were bad... ...And one was so cringe-worthy, I'm surprised my scoring system gave it what it did. In any case... Voted :done:
Read Post 7:15 PM on 01-Dec-2019
  AR »rexine Welcome to the Monthly Track Contest (MTC) December 2019 hosted by Rexine! In the MTC your task is to build a track on a given theme. Later, all the submitted tracks are rated and a winner is determined. 🚧 The...
Read Post 3:26 PM on 01-Dec-2019
  AR »rexine November 2019 Public Voting Link: This month there's 9 maps! Download them here. In the voting sheet, give your score before your feedback (0 to 10, decimals are allowed). If...
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