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Read Post 6:27 AM on 13-Jan-2020
So, I've played Trackmania for awhile now, but I've always used the steam workshop to download tracks. Not all of them are very functional, so I have wanted to try tracks from here, but I'm not sure how to install them. I did link my account, and I'v...
Read Post 7:22 PM on 12-Jan-2020
Here you go olddad. ;) Hope these fit your needs. Canyon GPS Items
Read Post 5:32 PM on 12-Jan-2020
And a follow up video tutorial in January 2020: Normally linked CPs work fine in all the base titles. However, you start running into difficulties once you start using some custom titlepacks. So I've made an addon tutorial explaining how to get th...
Read Post 5:29 PM on 12-Jan-2020
I've created three tutorials about the Linked Checkpoints feature which was added to ManiaPlanet during 2019. First, a text tutorial I wrote back in July 2019: A little more about Linked Checkpoints, for those who want to know how to use it:...
Read Post 5:25 PM on 12-Jan-2020
In this tutorial video I explain how to do variant mixing using the mixmapping tool. This is a very useful technique for all mappers to know.
Read Post 10:28 AM on 12-Jan-2020
Read Post 9:44 AM on 12-Jan-2020
Yeah, I must admit, my map could have been a lot better. But with the OGL currently running, I don't mind the last place I ended up in.
Read Post 4:44 PM on 11-Jan-2020
  AR »rexine Tona comes in first! :gold: 177966 "This one is insanely creative with a lot of original stuff" - Akiliyh "The sections are paced out nicely and they're all built competently with each section feeling like they...
Read Post 11:43 AM on 11-Jan-2020
Voted :done:
Read Post 8:19 AM on 11-Jan-2020
Is this channel program still active?
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