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Read Post 9:35 AM on 17-Aug-2011
I guess I'll wait until mid afternoon or so, and even if I'd like to play it already, I don't have any way of payments for the moment haha =P
Read Post 9:34 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Still in queue. I just read that it's possible to pay with PayPal. Just to let you guys know. :)
Read Post 9:34 AM on 17-Aug-2011
  RKO 90
Out of the queue and downloading now :)
Read Post 9:34 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Wonderfull job Fastforza, looks very simple and clean. (Y)
Read Post 9:32 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Hi @ all! :P
Read Post 9:31 AM on 17-Aug-2011
I'm in the queue, too. Maybe I just should wait a day before this queue makes me crazy. :-W
Read Post 9:29 AM on 17-Aug-2011
I think we need a trollface-smiley! :B
Read Post 9:28 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Now I am angry. At the 3rd attempt I could click on the download button.. then checking data and back to queue. They´ve got all information and I didn´t get anything.
Read Post 9:27 AM on 17-Aug-2011
I really like the new look ! And everything is more userfriendly (Y) And i like the new smylies too :D (BRB) +o( =P :-W But it would be nice if you'd implement a CanyonIcon too ;) Greetz JustSmall Btw.i am on of the first 300 people on...
Read Post 9:20 AM on 17-Aug-2011
I was in the queue (work caused me to miss the release) ... got to the purchase page, and was kicked back into the queue while hovering over the submit button. I was a sad Bucky. Then I get the purchase page again, bought the key, and played my littl...
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