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Read Post 7:59 PM on 17-Aug-2011
  Sriver (TMS <3)
Hey all! ;) Downloading atm... 28 minutes left. :p
Read Post 7:58 PM on 17-Aug-2011
necessary dimensions of the pic are 400x290 pixels.
Read Post 7:55 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Learning Curve One of my first person made tracks when i joined tm2. It has great full speed flow with some awesome and unique ideas. It's easy to drive yet hard to master. It was a joy to try and race for first against the others on this track an...
Read Post 7:54 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Hello All, I'm Old gamer of TM... And i'm here for TM² :cool: (And my english is so bad... for ever ^^) -Lr-eXp.
Read Post 7:54 PM on 17-Aug-2011
(Y) Very cool!
Read Post 7:43 PM on 17-Aug-2011
finally :D I waited sooo long for that game and awesome site, great work dudes (L)
Read Post 7:43 PM on 17-Aug-2011
I've met what the picture told me it needed, but i can not put it into the track on here. It's under 320JKB, way under the 400 200, and is in jpg format. I don't know why it's not letting my upload a picture for my track. Any ideas? I still have...
Read Post 7:43 PM on 17-Aug-2011
petey is back with his awesome quality (l)
Read Post 7:38 PM on 17-Aug-2011
wow, hey all and great job Forza :gold: the whole new age started! :)
Read Post 7:37 PM on 17-Aug-2011
couldn't let go posting one too :) Big one
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