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Read Post 4:45 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I'm playing on void now and it is quite cool, nice tracks :D
Read Post 4:44 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hey guys, Here is my first track (Y)
Read Post 4:44 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I noticed it sometimes too :O Really annoying
Read Post 4:43 PM on 18-Aug-2011
You get a Stout Shakko *inserts a Stout Shakko* (I think this word really improves the game (Y) )
Read Post 4:29 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Here we go!
Read Post 4:23 PM on 18-Aug-2011
October, 20th 1991 , France
Read Post 4:16 PM on 18-Aug-2011
July 14, 1993, Finland ;)
Read Post 4:13 PM on 18-Aug-2011
  Phoenyx Imperius
You get a Stout Shakko (I don't think I ever misspelled your name back on TMX, metoxys). By the way, if you can't think of something, just give them a Stout Shakko. *Inserts a can of BONK!*
Read Post 4:08 PM on 18-Aug-2011
not really had that 'till now. would you please post your specs?
Read Post 3:56 PM on 18-Aug-2011
It's quite nice actually. Except for flickering and the fact, that it's pointless to me. Sigh, why, I need better comp. If you use FXCameraMap, you leave half of the community out of fun :/
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