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Read Post 2:36 PM on 17-Aug-2011
look carefully on the top right corner, just over the banner ;)
Read Post 2:35 PM on 17-Aug-2011
missing: Your Private Messages :)
Read Post 2:32 PM on 17-Aug-2011
sorry, didn't notice probably :P
Read Post 2:32 PM on 17-Aug-2011
This might be a known bug, I don't know but hopefully some early beta-tester knows. Anyway, shadows are stuck in the "high" Setting. If I change to for example minimum it is still high ingame and when I go back to the launcher after having started...
Read Post 2:30 PM on 17-Aug-2011
got: Donate Days : 60 day(s) remaining (on tmu tmx) I really would like to see the Download Amount of my Tracks would be nice if its linkable somehow :P ZaiT
Read Post 2:27 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Ty alot Opti and Tuta :) Much faster
Read Post 2:24 PM on 17-Aug-2011
damn, when I asked "Space = daniel ?" in another forum where u were active earlyer today you didn't answer :( anyway now I know ^^
Read Post 2:21 PM on 17-Aug-2011
sent by me already.
Read Post 2:21 PM on 17-Aug-2011
it's more expensive there (20 euros against 20 dollars on gamesplanet) :(
Read Post 2:19 PM on 17-Aug-2011
It looks that our nicely designed site doesn't know how to resize images to fit the page :/ I'll send a report to bug section.
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