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Read Post 2:25 PM on 18-Aug-2011
WUZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP Osaka in the house, ready to rock and having the strange feeling that the new forum is eyebo-proof =P Btw: love the design :D
Read Post 2:16 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Simply, guess the track! :cool: I can't post a screenshot myslef, so somebody starts? :D _Post known and actual maps. _Show a clea portion of the track, not only a piece of road. That's all! Have fun! :D
Read Post 2:11 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I wantz PPO. :cool:
Read Post 1:50 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Actually I think, you have to use the Terraforming Tool and Eraser Tool both at the same time. If you have selected blocks and want to erase high mountains, it won't work ;)
Read Post 1:42 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hello guys, Dominik here. You probably know me from TMX.
Read Post 1:30 PM on 18-Aug-2011
I also can make a screen for you :)
Read Post 1:24 PM on 18-Aug-2011
6th March, 1990, Australia.
Read Post 1:21 PM on 18-Aug-2011
16 Dec. 1990, France.
Read Post 1:19 PM on 18-Aug-2011
My service is available ;)
Read Post 1:18 PM on 18-Aug-2011
Hey there, this topic is not my idea, Just_I started it at TMNFX. Link This topic is there for people to offer their services for making screenshots. There are a few rules here: - If you want to offer your services post your best scre...
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