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Read Post 2:01 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Ok, it seems you have to use the same password as on TMF. Guess that's a good thing, so noone can steal your login name :D
Read Post 1:55 PM on 17-Aug-2011
WTF?? I try to make an ingame account with the login Tuta. Then it says Tuta is already in use in trackmania forever. So I get a bit confused and try to see if I can recover the password or something. But then the login doesn't exist.. What'...
Read Post 1:55 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Not sure where FF would want this to go, but this seems about right. Anyways, a thread for small questions regarding the editor would be good I assume? So how do i remove those freaking high cliffs? cant seem to get em down.
Read Post 1:53 PM on 17-Aug-2011
here is my first track for Canyon
Read Post 1:45 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Space = Dan!el?? Anyway, nice screen :D
Read Post 1:40 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Good job FF! (Y)
Read Post 1:38 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Yes!! Ubisoft shop I love you! (L) (L) Downloading now :D
Read Post 1:38 PM on 17-Aug-2011
Hey Hey :)
Read Post 1:31 PM on 17-Aug-2011
hello everyone :) nice layout and wow, 30.000 character/post :o great work ff :D gonna love this one here :p
Read Post 1:22 PM on 17-Aug-2011
heya what's up :cool:
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