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Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
i quoted what i already wrote at tmnf-x ;)
Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
nice site design (L) great job (Y)
Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
15 June, 1990. USA
Read Post 11:42 AM on 18-Aug-2011
already judged on maniaplanet - it's not comfortable. the only thing that helps is that there's a username also just above the message. why not to make it here too (on this grey bar)?
Read Post 11:42 AM on 18-Aug-2011
nope... when the whole graphic section will be bigger, with a lot of activity and screencompeitions, ff said that probably 2 separated sections will be created. Actually it's like tmx some weeks ago, with everything in one section. So, if in the f...
Read Post 11:33 AM on 18-Aug-2011
June 13th, 1996, Poland
Read Post 11:32 AM on 18-Aug-2011
I'll quote myself. Just give it a try - 7 days for example. And then judge if it is good or bad.
Read Post 11:31 AM on 18-Aug-2011
  Hans Holo
I know, that's my problem. It should be done!
Read Post 11:30 AM on 18-Aug-2011
Both this topic and the Photo Art topic belong in the General section of the Graphics Forum.
Read Post 11:26 AM on 18-Aug-2011
there's no offcial guideline.
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