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Read Post 11:12 AM on 18-Aug-2011
yay, good to start this here, too! And a good song to start with eheh. Beautiful song for sure, one of their most atmospheric I'd say. Starts off quiet and continuously builts up.. that's nothing new in the post-rock genre but little bands manage...
Read Post 11:12 AM on 18-Aug-2011
awesome fun gameplay, nice graphics, stadium-like blocks... (l)
Read Post 11:11 AM on 18-Aug-2011
  Hans Holo
First: I claim the thread's title as a trackname... :P On TMX many people had their very own definition of trackstyles (H&S, Trial, RPG), were you could't count on getting what you were looking for (when searching for RPG for example). And when i...
Read Post 11:09 AM on 18-Aug-2011
Usernames on the left ftw :P
Read Post 11:04 AM on 18-Aug-2011
My first impressions? Everything about Canyon is great. I like how it feels, how it looks no complains here. But i'm a bit disappointed about "trackmania" part. I see now what they meant with "It's the same game but better". Canyon feels just like an...
Read Post 10:58 AM on 18-Aug-2011
  Black Dalek
Greetings all. Really excited about TM2. Gonna hold off until September though and wait till the full release... Until then...
Read Post 10:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
can't agree more, +100 on this. and in the First Look topic (on TMUX) people who were for the names on the right were just saying "you'll get used to it", while people who were against it were saying convincing arguments. (quite same for 14px font t...
Read Post 10:39 AM on 18-Aug-2011
  Hans Holo
Smart-ass-mode: on! Imagine the following "drawing" as a stair: _ _| _| _|...
Read Post 10:33 AM on 18-Aug-2011
yay, there are titles! and I'm already the most spamming person here 8-|
Read Post 10:26 AM on 18-Aug-2011
Lovely sky colors Petey :)
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