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Read Post 10:29 AM on 17-Aug-2011
O hi people, buying TM2 is a nightmare :P
Read Post 10:28 AM on 17-Aug-2011
The "Forums" button in the menu bar. It's called "forum". There only is one forum here with some areas. Call it "Forum" instead of "Forums"
Read Post 10:25 AM on 17-Aug-2011
No Problem for me, just see it the first time as i load this page today 8-|
Read Post 10:24 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Hello tmx Crew Great job ! (Y)
Read Post 10:23 AM on 17-Aug-2011
lol, I don't know how old yours is but the TMX logo has existed since they first put this page up: Which was quite a while ago.
Read Post 10:23 AM on 17-Aug-2011
No Problem, good advertisement for me (L) :P :cool:
Read Post 10:22 AM on 17-Aug-2011
Good and nice that you are using my avatar in your top image bar :cool: I created this avatar by my own specially for the mp forums :$ LOL. We are too. =P
Read Post 10:21 AM on 17-Aug-2011
oh, already got to the page, will just wait for my dad getting back from work :D
Read Post 10:21 AM on 17-Aug-2011
dejavu you have no idea so don´t answer :P
Read Post 10:20 AM on 17-Aug-2011
same here, still in the queue. for people who are done: is it possible just to enter credit card number/CCV/expiration info, without any payment systems? I don't get what you mean, but i did like that and it worked fine: Chose between your paym...
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