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Read Post 11:51 AM on 18-Aug-2011
  Hans Holo
Above the message wouldn't be good for the flow of reading just the posts, you "have" to read them (because you cannot not read). If it would be in a distinct block on the left (or right) you can just ignore the names if you want.
Read Post 11:50 AM on 18-Aug-2011
31 December 1993 (Y) :'(
Read Post 11:49 AM on 18-Aug-2011
I think you already know that i support usernames on the left (Y) And to everyone who says get used to it. You simply don't. On my teams forum we have them to the right (and have had it so since 2008 or something). Still not used to it. At least...
Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
i quoted what i already wrote at tmnf-x ;)
Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
nice site design (L) great job (Y)
Read Post 11:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
15 June, 1990. USA
Read Post 11:42 AM on 18-Aug-2011
already judged on maniaplanet - it's not comfortable. the only thing that helps is that there's a username also just above the message. why not to make it here too (on this grey bar)?
Read Post 11:42 AM on 18-Aug-2011
nope... when the whole graphic section will be bigger, with a lot of activity and screencompeitions, ff said that probably 2 separated sections will be created. Actually it's like tmx some weeks ago, with everything in one section. So, if in the f...
Read Post 11:33 AM on 18-Aug-2011
June 13th, 1996, Poland
Read Post 11:32 AM on 18-Aug-2011
I'll quote myself. Just give it a try - 7 days for example. And then judge if it is good or bad.
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