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Read Post 1:53 AM on 18-Aug-2011
Anybody notice the graphics bug that I was talking about where medium gfx make the best results?
Read Post 1:23 AM on 18-Aug-2011
what up guys? how we all going? :) good to be here, lets see an awesome community of racing and track-building eh?! (L) see you all around! :done: eXXy :.
Read Post 1:19 AM on 18-Aug-2011
hey all :)
Read Post 1:11 AM on 18-Aug-2011
1st canyon track Phenom (Y)
Read Post 1:03 AM on 18-Aug-2011
while we are talking about the editor could someone explain the use and functionality of the plugins? :P
Read Post 12:58 AM on 18-Aug-2011
yeah i can vouch for the Void server. was playing on it a few minutes ago! (Y) very nice server AND GAME!
Read Post 12:57 AM on 18-Aug-2011
i love the site but i miss the thing under the names that was sort of a post count/prestige thing like: Toy-car Racer, Saloon Racer, Hatchback Racer and Trackmaniac....
Read Post 12:43 AM on 18-Aug-2011
yeah thats what i have been doing but its a little annoying :P
Read Post 12:29 AM on 18-Aug-2011
Hi all! =) I'm 500 register user he-he... Great game! I'm very enjoy it!
Read Post 11:48 PM on 17-Aug-2011
very good work (Y) the look is :cool: to be glad about mania-exchange
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