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Read Post 6:19 PM on 26-Aug-2011
Hey there, i am currently working on a mX plugin for tm2, the only problem i have at the moment is, that the map screens are in a format where i first have to download them to the server , store them and then at least i can show them in the...
Read Post 6:17 PM on 26-Aug-2011
I wonder if replay moves inside the intro, without create the intro in the ingame section, then import it in the intro section. Someone tested it?
Read Post 6:17 PM on 26-Aug-2011
don't use " in tags any more!!!
Read Post 6:17 PM on 26-Aug-2011
MX won't be only canyon.
Read Post 6:12 PM on 26-Aug-2011
is it posssible to do a block parameter script with change the variation on a block you know like trick the game that the piece are on ground but its in the air and then the support pillar is gone i guess this script show the variation etc but yo...
Read Post 6:09 PM on 26-Aug-2011
It would been cool if the logo was a mix of the color from Canyon and Maniaplanet "Brown/or Orange(canyon)" and "Blue/White(ManiaPlanet)" ?
Read Post 6:06 PM on 26-Aug-2011
Seems that this code is not working correctly. When i use this for speedyshare or imageshack etc i get this msg when clicking on the link. 404 Error There was an error while processing your request ... The resource cannot be found ... :-...
Read Post 6:00 PM on 26-Aug-2011
Nice ! Where did you find info about the maniascript syntax btw plz ? ^^ http://en.tm-wiki.org/wiki/Scripting
Read Post 5:51 PM on 26-Aug-2011
Guys I was just joking common.. :P
Read Post 5:48 PM on 26-Aug-2011
Or just join a clan, and let your clanmates give the first 10 awards and boost you into the BOTW :D lol, why finding a special way to get awards? :p And if you wanna join a tracking clan (I only know 3, FT LT and XT ), you've to be accepted fi...
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