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Read Post 9:01 PM on 21-Jun-2021
Thank you! :D
Read Post 8:49 PM on 21-Jun-2021
You can add MX Karma to your server by generating a key at: https://karma.mania-exchange.com/ Then karma votes will show up on server pages.
Read Post 8:47 PM on 21-Jun-2021
If you go to profiles now, there's a button to show records.
Read Post 8:46 PM on 21-Jun-2021
Might have made sense back in the day. But forums aren't active enough anymore to warrant it.
Read Post 8:35 PM on 21-Jun-2021
The problem is, author comments can vary a lot in length and can become quite long especially if other tracks and videos are linked. People who visit the page and want to get a quick overview of the times driven want to be able to see the records qui...
Read Post 8:28 PM on 21-Jun-2021
You can have notification when your replay is beaten now.
Read Post 8:27 PM on 21-Jun-2021
There's a function to save your search as the default one now. It's the little heart at top right on search page.
Read Post 8:25 PM on 21-Jun-2021
We no longer show adverts. So that's a non-issue. The replay search features are all added.
Read Post 8:23 PM on 21-Jun-2021
You can filter by minimum author comment length. You can also filter by only tracks that have a screenshot.
Read Post 8:20 PM on 21-Jun-2021
I'd like to be notified if someone - replies in a forum thread This is done. It's called "New Thread Reply". - beats my lap record This is done. It's called "Replay Beaten". - releases a new version of a track I downloaded I'm not sure abou...
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