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Read Post 1:19 AM on 22-Jul-2019
wow thx everyone who voted for my map, Congrats to the 2nd and 3rd place but i had some fun on all the maps.. sorry this is the first time i got onto tm MX. because i was rushed into hospital under a blue light and sirens, suspect heart failure "ca...
Read Post 10:29 PM on 21-Jul-2019
Read Post 9:15 AM on 21-Jul-2019
(Canyon) Magnetic self accelerator Example Map: (Canyon) Ramp Turn http://www.maniapar...
Read Post 9:43 PM on 20-Jul-2019
Thats even more strange cause I still can not connect. Edit : The service is unavailable. Edit (21-07-2019) Just some info. I could connect to the main tmx page but when I ckicked on tmforever exchange I did get : The service is unavai...
Read Post 8:22 PM on 20-Jul-2019
Uhm , its offline again ? Very strange :O Just read this and it worked for me right now.
Read Post 7:00 PM on 20-Jul-2019
  AR »rexine In first place, we have wraith! :gold: 167635 "I love the flow of the map and the atmosphere." - Rexine "Like an interactive museum exhibit." - PangoLynne "Great job on this--fun to drive." - pjw Second plac...
Read Post 6:03 PM on 20-Jul-2019
Uhm , its offline again ? Very strange :O
Read Post 6:17 PM on 18-Jul-2019
Added "G-615 Production" and "GeTaX" to the top of the list.
Read Post 7:05 AM on 17-Jul-2019
My House - Flo Rida 169215
Read Post 11:16 AM on 15-Jul-2019
  AR »DrHugs.
Or just uncheck "block without end" on top left corner with default clip settings. The clip will trigger once only.
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