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Read Post 8:44 AM on 11-Sep-2015
This is seeming much harder than I expected for me. Edit: I say this and then I went a made a track right after.
Read Post 10:36 PM on 10-Sep-2015
Ikr, there have been so many new ideas since this project started xD But the last thing I want to do is make this process take longer by changing things =P
Read Post 10:11 PM on 10-Sep-2015
I checked my part I made a long time ago and i was thinking can I change it? since it is really crappy XD
Read Post 9:48 PM on 10-Sep-2015
2 maps sent :done:
Read Post 5:16 PM on 10-Sep-2015
Bonne idée ! Je serai la ! ;)
Read Post 12:47 PM on 10-Sep-2015
Is it possible to participate still ? 8-| Or do I have to wait for the final version ? :>
Read Post 11:48 AM on 10-Sep-2015
Ha. That's the exact same thing I thought about when I first saw it. Will we be getting another remake? ;) A lot of noobs online can't figure out how to do it on TM2. edit: wow, I just realised I replied to a 2 month old post. This place is reall...
Read Post 10:23 AM on 10-Sep-2015
if you know & enjoy Joris Voorn-Ringo, check this out
Read Post 9:49 AM on 10-Sep-2015
(English and French) Hi all, i am Fizik a fullspeed member of team Sphere. I organize a karting competition on trackmania² stadium. Short summary of the rules : - The tournament will take place in cup mode with 10 winners. - The tourname...
Read Post 8:07 PM on 09-Sep-2015
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