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Read Post 2:56 AM on 20-Aug-2015
91266 Just in time ;>
Read Post 12:47 AM on 20-Aug-2015
Sorry if you think it is unfair, but judging isn't based on awards or popularity. All maps have the same amounts of votes, so why does it matter if my map is showcased?
Read Post 11:29 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Read Post 9:29 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Read Post 7:59 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Whats this? :|
Read Post 5:07 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Hey all! :) Paragon League is hosting Chase cups every wednesday now! You can find the next Chase cup on this list: Map pack: - Head over Hells (mansol...
Read Post 3:35 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Good Luck everybody, may the best map (ofc mine) win
Read Post 2:35 PM on 19-Aug-2015
Then again, if you want you're track there, you just gotta donate to the website ;) And who cares if someone gets more attention to their track? It shouldn't matter with the votes.
Read Post 11:06 AM on 19-Aug-2015
You should showcase all MTC tracks then, in random order if possible.
Read Post 10:15 AM on 19-Aug-2015
It is unfair in terms of award count, indeed. But the award count has nothing to do with the contest. The voting is done independently from the award count. One good thing is that it can help to draw more attention to the MTC, when people check o...
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