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Read Post 7:59 PM on 17-Aug-2015
  s i c
Just another preview... ;)
Read Post 3:45 PM on 17-Aug-2015
KO3 - 40 to 50 seconds Canyon 80/80 KO3 - 40 to 50 seconds Stadium 40/80 KO3 - 40 to 50 seconds Valley 36/80 Stadium is half way finished. Good job :cool:
Read Post 2:31 PM on 17-Aug-2015
Cool =) will check it out later thanks! OMG Zack lol that was so funny to watch, and pro too (you didn't touch a single wall, well that you could avoid anyway (talking about the jump that cause the unintended flip, but even that turned out reall...
Read Post 11:41 AM on 17-Aug-2015
Wow, never expected to reach 16.000 in display cost on a 15 second track. :cool: Good luck and have fun everyone! ;) 91115
Read Post 9:39 AM on 17-Aug-2015
I checked all submissions so far for their Titlepack and it looks like everyone has used one of Nadeos standard Titlepacks. So it's easy to make a server again (Y)
Read Post 5:13 AM on 17-Aug-2015
Read Post 1:18 AM on 17-Aug-2015
Hopefully there is a server again for this one. Would be much better than downloading 20+ tracks lol.
Read Post 1:17 AM on 17-Aug-2015
Read Post 12:36 AM on 17-Aug-2015
  Zack11 There you go (Y) I tried to go with a Gymkhana style, I hope you like it ;)
Read Post 11:42 PM on 16-Aug-2015
put on dropbox or something similar and post the link here
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