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Read Post 8:42 PM on 08-Sep-2015
  FT»Mandark Are the platform and the parking lot blocks in valley different surfaces?
Read Post 1:33 AM on 08-Sep-2015
Well... now we`ve reached a point where we are down to personal opinions. For me ingame MT can cleary change the way i feel or think of a track (ofc it depens of the track, but especially in RPG it can make a big difference!). But yeah... not mu...
Read Post 11:29 PM on 07-Sep-2015
a map wich has this all. is a map on wich the builder has put more effort in tho enhance the track. so why wouldn't we give these people a higher score for adding such stuff to a map? Because it does not add any additional fun in my opinion. Ne...
Read Post 10:47 PM on 07-Sep-2015
I'm a builder. I've always been facinated by what otehrs are able to do in the editor. what kind of idea's they have and how they execute stuff. the MT is a part of the Editor so this is also a part of building a map imo. I personally always watch t...
Read Post 4:40 PM on 07-Sep-2015
I agree with that it is like a bonus :) When I judged, I looked for theme, creativity, route, and scenery. But if someone had a nice mt, I added it to the scenery category. But I wouldn't take away points because of no MT unless it was a problem (li...
Read Post 10:13 AM on 07-Sep-2015
Yeah, i agree with almost everything what all of you said =) I meant exactly that i find a MT intro a bonus in the MTC context, online and in other contexts I mostly skip intros like haenry (unless I read in the awards beforehand that the intro is...
Read Post 8:44 AM on 07-Sep-2015
Cool discussion guys. It's time to put in my own opinion. Most of the times I skip intros. On a server I don't want to miss racing time/start late, so I just skip the intro. For me it has become such a habit that I hardly ever watch an intro. Only...
Read Post 6:56 AM on 07-Sep-2015
Oh, sorry I misread your comment :$
Read Post 6:47 AM on 07-Sep-2015
can we upload our tracks on MX after the mappack is decided? Yes, you can upload your track/s if it gets selected in one of the mappacks.
Read Post 4:06 AM on 07-Sep-2015
Hey, at least we're way closer to finishing this than we did at the beginning, right?! :P (Y)
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