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Read Post 4:48 PM on 16-Jul-2021
Hello, here's my new map! 219295
Read Post 10:14 AM on 16-Jul-2021
Yeah, I think you are right. As long as you keep the same validation the UID should be the same.
Read Post 7:26 PM on 14-Jul-2021
That uid info was very helpful. And I actually took my test a step further and changed the mod name and loc link completely, edited the intro vid, and added an ambient (fog removal) track in the MT, and I still got the same uid number. Maybe if n...
Read Post 4:00 PM on 14-Jul-2021
Hey Jeff808, an easy way to check before uploading anything: Simply open the previous and the new map file in the Editor (simple text editor). In the first few lines there should be a uid="jfxd78szd7zs7d" entry. If this is the same on both, the...
Read Post 3:52 PM on 14-Jul-2021
I'll probably do that, or maybe I'll go ahead and do it on one of my maps and see what happens. I'll post back to this thread whatever I find out. Thank you for the reply banjee.
Read Post 1:12 AM on 14-Jul-2021
I believe that if you change a map and re-save it the internal UID will change so it will look like a new map to the dedimania system. You could double-check with the dedimania dudes over on their forum to confirm, though: http://dedimania.net/SITE/...
Read Post 3:46 AM on 12-Jul-2021
Edited for clarity..... If I make a minor change (like updating the host link inside my mod's loc file) in a map, can I update the track file in MX without causing the dedi records associated with that map to be deleted, and without causing any othe...
Read Post 4:39 AM on 11-Jul-2021
Read Post 12:31 PM on 09-Jul-2021
:cool: Hello, impossible de télécharger mes cartes sur Mania Exchange depuis 2 jours ???
Read Post 9:54 AM on 09-Jul-2021
Hi! :D TitlePack : Stunters - Where can i download?
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