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Read Post 7:55 PM on 21-Jun-2020
Hi Phantom, could you send me over the file over Discord? Ozon#0359 I'll take a look and fix this bug.
Read Post 8:11 PM on 20-Jun-2020
Hi, i have made a map with a weight of 2,5 Mo and i can't upload it ... The error message is : "The specified string length exceeds the specified maximum string length." PS : i have another map here which is 2.6Mo !
Read Post 6:44 PM on 20-Jun-2020
Read Post 12:06 AM on 20-Jun-2020
Read Post 1:11 PM on 16-Jun-2020
Took me a while to build, enjoy! :D 197250 Video of the Track:
Read Post 7:07 PM on 14-Jun-2020
I tried in another browser i never use just in case earlier but the same issue occured. I just tried by clearing cookies & site data: still the same issue.
Read Post 6:20 PM on 14-Jun-2020
# Track upload * Uploading a track that already exists now returns you the TrackID of the existing one * Removed the ability to upload TM3 tracks to TM2 and vice versa * Fixed TMOne tracks being assigned the formerly secret environment "Combined...
Read Post 5:13 PM on 14-Jun-2020
Can you try clearing your cookies clearing your site data and report back?
Read Post 12:02 PM on 14-Jun-2020
196901 196582
Read Post 10:03 AM on 14-Jun-2020
Hi, Not sure what's the reason, but i'm unable to log in my account on IX or via accounts subdomain. I did the password reset procedure a few times to see if maybe symbols was the issue or the length but it didn't change anything. What happens...
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