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 Nightmare Maps

by  Flame|bcs |  13 |  0
  RPG LOL Trial    
ID  1201 
 2022-11-18 17:12:25 |  2022-11-18 17:12:25
The Nightmare map series initially started as a troll series in-between members of legendary team BCS.
Its goal was to troll other members with their most hated blocks and create really hard and annoying maps.
Since then, the maps have found their fanbase and gotten hunted a lot, hence it really felt like about time to create a Nightmare map pack including only the official Nightmare maps.

It's hard to describe Nightmare maps, they have their very own style, I'd say it's our own interpretation of something between trial, RPG and lol maps. But see for yourself!

If you want to build a Nightmare map and have it added to this pack, feel free to do so, just follow the criteria of having it look like the other Nightmare maps (keeping a somewhat similar style but generally you have a lot of freedom for this) and better reach out to a Manager of this Pack first

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