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Location: Home  Mappacks  TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup 2020 
Mappack Info Report mappack
Name: TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup 2020
Creator:   maik #tmo
Managers: (none)
ID: 512 
Created / Edited: 28 January 2020 09:54:11 / 22 February 2020 13:48:24
TP / Environment: ( - ) / ( - )
Type: Competition
Style: Offroad
Tracklist Released: No
 Map request
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TrackMania Open Dirt Solo Cup 2020 Map Request:build:

Welcome to 2020! Have a look at our first Map Request of the Year!

Whats new? Similar to last Year's Team Cup, we will only select 3 maps for the entire competition (3 Matchdays excluding Qualification). Following this, the Maplimit per Author will now be 1 (including Duo-Maps). Also your maps only need to suit Rounds/Cup mode and don't have to possibly be designed for TimeAttack as well.

- Titlepack: TM² Competition Titlepack or TM² Stadium
- Mood: Sunrise, Day or any custom time between those two
- Style: Dirt – Keep tech/road transitions to a minimum
- Difficulty: Challenging but enjoyable
- Length: 60 – 70 seconds

- Custom Items: Allowed. Please only use them in a modest way and don’t build your map around them. - This includes embedded items from the competition titlepack as well as external items
- Blockmix: Allowed. Keep it clean and don’t overuse it. It must not cause any visual glitches or flickering
- Scenery: Keep it light-ish and don’t block visibility with it. Maximum Display cost: 4000cc
- Checkpoints: Respawnable. This includes to place them in the correct direction and to keep the track finishable without any trial strats after a respawn. Also place enough checkpoints

- Media Tracker: Not allowed
- Signpack: Only use the tmo# Signpack which you can download here
- Mapname: $eb1tmo$034# $fffYourNameHere – Please don’t use any additional formatting like $i , $n or any other colour. Your name should not contain any offensive words, no special characters, no team or player names and no company names.

- (New) Deadline: March 15, 2020
- Submission limit: 1 per Author (including duo-maps)

Your map must only be known by yourself and not be seen before a possible release, building on stream is not allowed. Also please do not reach out to the testers about your maps as we test anonymous.

We're looking forward to your creations!
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